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But I was talking with you guys about this a couple of times over the last month or two. Salt Lake Tribune. You stop printing a daily paper. You didn't put 2021 now, so I don't think this is As horrible as people are saying, really, it is. It is horrible. But if they focus on their digital paper, which needs help Yeah, it's good. Because then when was the last time you bought a paper? I well, you part of the reason you don't buy one is because there's nothing much there anymore. Gets thin. I get one on my porch every day, and there are people who don't have the Internet who rely on reporting in a daily paper. And we're not gonna have the eighties. Well, it's horrible. Hi, dreadful. I read that I subscribe to the Tribune. No, I don't get a physical paper. I subscribe to the digital paper and I read stories from it every day. I read stories from both the online and the physical paper. I get it. I go pick it up off the porch and is thin and awful as it is, there's there's usually something in there. That's that. First of all, they don't have online for some reason. The thing I miss about the thing that's different about me, isn't it? It's funny if you know when you're reading the paper. You're scanning and you all left looks interesting. That looks interesting. You might come across stories you wouldn't necessarily get online because online everything is carefully curated. And, oh, you usually read stories about this, so we're goingto Push those stories towards you, and you might miss some things. The other reason. It's horrible. Gina's They're going to lay people off. Yeah, yeah, no, we'll have to. That's horrible and I don't think I mentioned there's going to be a They are still going to print one paper a week. We're going to do a weekly sort of paper, which would have not breaking news stories, but will have long form stories and it'll come out on. Sunday if they are in fact going to go Mostly digital. They really need to work on that website. So We need Thio pay a tip of the hat. Give a tip of the hat Born on this day, Dr Stamen Grigor off 147 years ago. Something like that today. 18 78. Who was Dr Grigorov. He was a Bulgarian Microbiologist, and he invented yogurt. Did he invent it? Or did he just He discovers you just what he does. I think he invented it. But it says here he discovered the bacterium essential to the fermentation of yogurt. And he also contributed to the development of the world's first tuberculosis vaccine. Hey, was born in the village of is war. Located in the throne region of Bulgaria. He was a passionate scientists from a young age and went on to earn a doctorate from the Medical University of Geneva, Switzerland. Which back in 100 some odd years ago. It took 12 days to get that. Really? Yeah, well, there wasn't much You know, they didn't have much to learn. Okay. I didn't have much to learn Yoga. Here's some yogurt for you. Starvation happen. I cannot must be controlled by myself from a month with regard to the sexual intercourse and One time a beacon of good fine health And, more importantly, says 90 and beautiful life now could help you So can someone pull pull? Pull gains? The Bulgarians live longer than any other humans on Earth. You know why No, I'm sorry. I don't know any Bulgarians. Wielded Nurse. Great. Take Mr Life on immediately to the yoga, Roman, Given 15 go. Oh, no. I can't eat 15 gallons of yogurt. Or which not going in that end. Like what? Even the Bulgarians bad. That was such a terrible movie. That was a wonderful performance. I enjoyed it by Anthony Hopkins. I don't know any Bulgarian doctor Dr Kellogg All right. Sports weather traffic, you know. Shaquille O'Neal is switching from basketball mode. To cartoon moda, my stealing your geek news here knowing I don't know. No, I wasn't gonna touch this one. The famed basketball players partnered with genius brands to co create co produced and starred in upcoming animated Children's show called Shacks Garage. It chronicles the adventures of a group of cartoon automobiles with their own unique capabilities. O'Neill is an avid collector of cars. He will voice the show's main character, Big diesel. As the vehicles go on various adventures while communicating through a secret language known as What What? It's terrible. Jack Annie's No life, So my Oh, that's just not know. But now let's see this. This. This is a This is a business model now because after the success of cars The success of cars wasn't necessarily the movies. It was the toys they sell like crazy. So, DC decided they're going to do a Siri's for little kids. About the Batmobile and the bat cycle, And there's even a bat truck now, apparently, Yeah, I had no idea and they're talking cars and so shacks. Oh, this. This is where this is where I'm making the money is the selling of the toys, talking cars. This meeting. Check check and he's hanging me. We've got a game Six of the world Siri's today at six o'clock, the Dodgerslead the Siri's 32, that's sports. Whether it's chilly this morning again, 27 right now will be slightly warmer in the afternoon than we were yesterday. 44 Looks like bye bye. Halloween on Saturday will be up to 65 so It'll be much warmer than it is today. Traffic..

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