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I feel like we should be done this thing pretty quickly this thing is though the spread out series man it's awful i hate how stretched out the nba playoffs are i understand why it happens you want to get all these games on national tv but jeez louise am i right it's really really spread out you know when it comes to the really annoying sports topics that we dive into we can't get ourselves out of i really hope that we're done with bob mcnair for a while that's the one that i feel like has the ability to rear its ugly head at any moment and all it takes is babo just saying one word that's it or being asked one question because he has takes do you think bob mcnair would be able to hold a very popular highly rated conservative sports talk show i bet he would will cain to point out i think it'd be fantastic in that regard i mean he's got the takes i just want to talk about him again the rockets winning in the jordan years was another one that came up at least from houston perspective would they would they have one if michael jordan played those seasons they won or do we do we really need to dive back into those i don't think so but people people still want to do it i don't know that's where we are baby that is where we are other notes did you know that houston texans resigned key offense lineman.

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