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This is a this is an astounding list of movies Like nineteen ninety nine was the assad kindergarten liked that. That's how i remember it now. The influential meet the blair witch project. Pretty much yeah. Stop the found footage genre which created a whole genre. Yeah not to mention that you have as a stanley kubrick movie in there with eyes. Wide shots Bain john malkovich three kings cruel intentions All of these movies main something to someone sleep. Colin love sleepy hollow to the mummy obviously is a lot of people's favorite movie. But i also say dr let it go by the south park bigger longer uncut. That movies fucking grind. I can as i loved that movie death. I've watched so many times. I don't think have watched movie more thompson did the matrix especially this one day. I was sick in bed. Mahout on vhs. And i watched the fight sane in the dodger about maybe twenty times when ended our style again a probably twenty times but yeah look we mentioned like some. I'm just gonna read. Write off some of these movies. So the matrix one. The mummy came to came second ten. You came third tied for fourth. Was notting hill and club. Taught for fifth was toy story to galaxy quest South park bigger longer. Uncut galaxy quest is amazing. I earn that movie on blue rider. I love it. It's an amazing movie. carlos added a movie called ghar. I've never heard of it noting hill. What's that say yes. It's a movie directed by the guy who did love actually hugh grant. It's it's Kolia roberts it's com- yeah. It's one of those british hongs gums Austin powers the spy. Who shagged inside. A that is a michael man. Movie malcolm and directed hate and collateral amazing director. Any given sunday starring a chain the sixth sense. Of course i'm not shamans. Big one american pie boys during cry varsity blues blue streak style was upside one. The phantom menace pretty much made prequels thing every american beauty analyze this analyze. This is great. That's got jack. Nicholson and billy crystal a blue. Jack nicholson baker's remembering She's all that blast from the past. The iron giant got is a big animation milestone magnolia. That is a poll. Thomas film which is also our ivan insane but i heard really good things. Sleepy highlight him but movie office. Space is amazing. If you haven't seen a check it out mystery man calling by the way we referenced. Office space on the podcast. Time is mr separate two mystery. Men never heard those movies eyes. Wide shot is stanley. Kubrick's believe lost. Movie starring tom cruise and nicole kidman. I think that's the movie they met and got married on So the blair witch project. The green mile came very close to be my favorite and no. It's not like if it weren't for the fact that it was nearly three hours. An amazing three erie watchable movie. That might be my favorite like the grain mile is an astounding accomplishment and filmmaking Love them movie big daddy. Also another huge channel. Daddy yeah a lot of people that movie. The talented mr ripley being john malkovich of cost spark joins movie three kings Cruel intentions stanchions. A way will watch that movie for a week fearing another big man on the moon. Absolutely i'm just gonna get a lot of engagement this this this week on the md game. So i'm gonna go through a couple of comments. So i do. I do apologize. I miss some Hers a member of the green room says given this podcast. I am shocked. The mummy was initially on him. And i fucking forgot to do for getting a big one..

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