President Trump, Iran, Usa Gymnastics discussed on Radio Flea Market


Rolling Stone magazine that they are still taking their time timing giving themselves space to process everything adding that they would love to try to continue to do something and figure out something to do together basis. Ben Shepard added that they really haven't even gotten a chance to hang out. Just the three of them yet saying they were going through a natural healing. Then thinking about the natural next step Ingle, Fox News. Iran is playing down the US sanctions set to be restored next month against the country's oil and gas sector, president Hassan. Rohani's saying today that the sanctions will have no effect. He also labeled the Trump administration as the most hostile ever toward Iran since withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal back in may of the White House has been steadily restoring sanctions, it appears that President Trump has narrowed the search for a new White House counsel prison. Trump has been interviewing a number of individuals over the last couple of months since he announced it current White House counsel, Don Mcgann would be leaving that post in the fall. Now. Our sources familiar with the decision. Tell our own John Roberts that President Trump has chosen Pat sip baloney to fill that important role. Fox's Garrett Tenny at the White House, sip alone is a former attorney for the Justice department and is currently a partner at his own law firm in DC, new leadership at USA gymnastics. A former congresswoman is taking the helm at least temporarily. USA gymnastics says Mary Bono will serve as interim president and chief executive until a permanent replacement can be found for Kerry Perry who resigned under pressure after only nine months on the job. She was forced out after several misteps, including how she handled team Dr Larry Nassar's sex scandal Bono served as a California congresswoman for fifteen years after she filled the seat left vacant by the death of her husband Sonny Bono. She also has a background in gymnastics and trained for a decade with several clubs a search committee is looking for a permanent replacement. Joe Chiro, Fox News. They're glitzy. They're glamorous. And they're up for grabs. Some of the precious. Jewels worn by Marie Antoinette among the items headed to the auction block, a white and yellow diamond broach that could fetch more than a million dollars and a single strand Pearl necklace. I'm Pam who sale. And.

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