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Chime with Tony Davis in a coffee shop in Phoenix. There might be a little bit of traffic noise that you just have to the ambiance and essentially have a listened to two guys grabbing a coffee together. So I was thanks for joining me today. Towed in Sunni, Arizona, the Pekka van but for listeners tuning in from all over the world. Okay. Tell me a little bit about who you are. And what you do. Sure. So I am lucky enough to have been the founder and CEO of a company called lifelock. Which we started here in the states and initially was only available in the states. But we came the fastest growing identity theft protection company in the world. We grew over twelve years, we grew to almost seven hundred million top line revenue about five million subscribers in the US, and we've gone public and then later were acquired by company called Symantec that does Norton antivirus. And so we had a really couple of great exits. But more importantly, the legacy. I'm proud of is that we really were the first ones at the forefront of defining this new industry of identity theft, protection and specialness age of data breaches and more day. Being out there that we really empowered and summers to take control of their own destiny. Protect themselves, but have their back if something went wrong. And so I'm most proud of that legacy that we were able to define this new industry and do it at such a such a high standard and testing. Now, you have a very rich history of working in the tech industry with several textile ops and also you'll tell him dovecotes. But what is it about fate? Knicks is making a halt bagful technology companies right now, especially compared to which is Silicon Valley. Absolutely. So probably a couple things. A couple of dynamics at work together. One of them. Of course is just the sheer competitiveness of our states. So California pretty big tax burden high cost of living. You know, the competition from the tech companies part of the times just out vetting each other. You know, what are the amenities in those kinds of things versus an Arizona has the ability to come track much lower cost of living. But we've seen. This big infusion of that experienced great talent. Our universities have really done a great job of stepping up. Young four. It was a of here's the book harassing with dated your. I'm not getting cutting edge stuff that Silicon Valley was really allowing the younger folks to learn from a coding user interface, creative artwork really see out on horizon. Well, that's all changed him. And so we're really able to attract a high level of talent. I will say there's a often we did it with lifelock. I see it with several companies on vested now kind of a symbiotic relationship. We may have a few key elements of talent that we will still look for in Silicon Valley have a base of operation there. But instead of paying a fifty percent premium on overhead and salaries, etc. Where they have stole lower living in a standard of living because of the cost we're able to just place out talent that the. Little bit of talent. We might be able to find in a Phoenix. But now because we've got critical mass of tech companies now we've had enough success stories like a lifelock like a or I ram it or so many others now that have come out their web MD, great technology companies that had very successful exits with them. It really allows us to attract that same come talent that standard living in. I will also have the the school systems have dramatically improved. Arizona's been very open to charter public schools. So not the expensive private school. They deemed public schools, but they're charter which allows you to really be selected what what kind of education. Do you want for your children, and we have some of the highest rated charter schools in the nation here in Arizona. So that makes it even more attractive for people to come. And that's one of the things probably our international list is fully understand that let me say excuse competitiveness, isn't it between the states, then it's not just US as warm. It's. Yeah. While we're all proud to be American, right?.

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