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Made the comments to a local Alaskan television affiliates Makowski says she's quo disturbed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's plans to working quote total coordination with the White House on a trump trial Makowski told Alaska TV affiliate KTVU you the comments because new confusion to me it means that we have to take that step back from being hand in glove with the defense earlier this month Majority Leader McConnell told a fox news host that there was no chance trump would be removed from the presidency in a trial McConnell also said there would be no difference between the president's position and the Senate's position cloudy Seles NPR news Washington the offices of Russia's most prominent opposition leader Alexei in of all may have been raided by security forces who are conducting a search from Moscow here is the BBC's Sarah Rainsford videos posted online by Alexander found in his team shows sparks flying as the door if the office is forced open by security forces offices in face masks than older stuff against the wall as they begin a search and confiscate equipments Alex and if only says at one point he was dragged out of the office but he wasn't attains the anti corruption activist and Russia's most prominent opposition politician says this latest rate is connected to the refusal to delete the film from the internet's accusing Russia's prime minister of corruption that's the BBC Serra Rainsford reporting at least six Afghan soldiers have been killed today in a suicide car bombing attack on their military base in northern Afghanistan Jennifer glass reports of Taliban car bomb went off in an Afghan army base in Balkh province killing and wounding Afghan soldiers the fighters fought with security forces an hours long gun fight before the attackers were driven back it's the second major Taliban attack in that province in the past three days on Christmas Eve Taliban fighters stormed a checkpoint killing seven Afghan soldiers Taliban leaders have been negotiating an agreement with the United States since last year there are reports of the US special envoy once at least a temporary ceasefire before any deal could be signed the agreement is believed to include a partial withdrawal of US troops in exchange for assurances the Taliban will support counterterrorism efforts and hold talks with Afghan officials news I'm Jennifer glass in Kabul on Wall Street stocks are higher year end rally continuing as investors returned from the Christmas holiday at last check the Dow up seventy eight points the S. and P..

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