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President Dr Scott Hagen opened the service with prayer lord your word in proverbs thirty one is dynamically clear it says to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves ensure justice for those being crushed yes speak up for the poor and the helpless and see that they get justice CBS is Jeffrey gaze on the criminal investigation this is a difficult cases that you can prosecute and so it is important that you call to the public this is something that's going to take some time CBS news special report I'm bill break off and it's now three seventeen the Minnesota Attorney General saying it will be a challenge to convict the four officers involved in the death of George Floyd it more on that now from A. B. C.'s Ryan burl the medical examiner's report shows George Floyd did have health issues and also had drugs in his system when he was arrested but Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison says those factors did not contribute to Floyd's death you can't say that well the person who are victimized was not in the very perfect picture of health so it's their fault that they died at my hands three of the former officers arrested yesterday appear in court today about the same time a memorial will be held for George Floyd in Minneapolis Ribeiro A. B. C. news Minneapolis at three seventeen we are now seeing indications the shooting death of almost armory in Georgia was racially motivated the Georgia bureau of investigation in agent involved in the case Richard dial testifying in a statement to police what one of the men said is sorry was lying on the ground strongman said that after the shooting took place before police arrival well Mr Aubrey was on the ground that he heard Travis Michael make a statement father and son Gregory Travis McMichael along with William Bryan junior are being charged with murder and aggravated assault it's now three eighteen the Pentagon reversing their order in there now keeping soldiers in the nation's capital after opposing the insurrection act for George Floyd protests calling for accountability in his murder defense secretary mark esper reversed his decision to send some active duty troops home from the Washington DC area the troops were sent to be on standby in case they were needed in the nation's capital amid ongoing protests earlier Wednesday a U. S. official said those soldiers were to be sent back to Fort Bragg while some military police units would remain staged at joint base Andrews but a few hours later a Pentagon spokesperson said there was no change secretary esper said Wednesday that he does not currently support the deployment of active duty military troops on city streets as president trump has threatened to order saying the National Guard is best suited for providing support to local law enforcement Catherine folders A. B. C. news Washington at three nineteen more and more fencing is being put up around the right how White House is well as higher fencing comes after those protests against the death of George floor that occurred right near the iconic building there reportedly sent the president into a bunker late last week however the president telling a fox news talk radio program that he did not hide in the bunker as protests were outside it's right now to tack on police officers in Brooklyn last night could be terror related peers to be a completely.

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