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At all don't know what he's about don't know where it comes from you know nothing about it I can only tell you this thing is a so isn't it says Congress should be focusing on things like the new trade deals with China Mexico and Canada Wall Street rallying to new highs again today the Dow finishing just shy of twenty nine thousand three hundred a change election policy for the F. B. online now pledging to inform state officials not just locals electoral systems are attacked otherwise state officials might certify results without knowing about problems individual counties America is listening to box newsradio pale BJ on John Cooley this news a service of ABC home and commercial services a street race in south Austin turns deadly with the two participating crash Austin police officer destiny Silva says a red infinity car in a white Chevy truck decided to raise up both springs taking the lead the car's driver that made a wide turn putting his vehicle into the path of the pick up making the decision to make that turn the truck then caught up to the car because it was still traveling at a high rate of speed and then struck the car on the driver's side so this is the car's driver was taken to a hospital but died from his injuries the pick ups driver twenty year old Jorge Luis Lopez the Mingus fled the scene but returned during the investigation and was arrested he's facing charges of failure to stop and render aid and racing the Texas business community is celebrating Congress passing the U. S. Mexico Canada trade agreement kill the jays because fox reports Texas does more than two hundred fifty billion dollars per year in trade with Mexico and Canada I have no doubt this is green will be a boon to both our national and Texas economy Texas senior senator John Cornyn on the Senate floor the US MCA agreement directly impacts one million Texans that work in trade with Mexico and Canada Jeff Moseley of the Texas association of business says the agreement will also help the energy sector Mexico has opened the.

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