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Welcome to the downloaded money box live the program about your money and sedat sold about the money of young people my name's keira and i'm a sudanese danko a school in kent and you'll be hearing more of me in this program hello well we start to anti eighteen with a crucial question what should we teach our children about money though it's not a new topic when money box began forty years ago in nineteen 77 yes that is before my time telling our children the facts of life about money with one of our first items most young kids until we have the facts of life about money are blind them tend to think that mom and dad have a pipeline to a sort of north sea bonanza of the stuff but one day this will join is going to have to start the lifetime drove earning a crossed and littoral jane to begin the mind boggling budget balancing act faces most house wars but ask yourself the question on my children equipped to deal with money sensibly when they leave school and in most cases the on so we'll be no well that was reporter harry browne musing on north sea oil and 1970s views at the typical hassle we'll light 1950s views i think well it took nearly forty years but those calls for financial education in schools have been heated personal finance and financial capability in our part of the national curriculum throughout the uk vote rather different in the poor countries before christmas money box went into classrooms to hear finance being taught that programme was presented by the founder of the young money blog in iron abane owner she's with me welcome back what was the one thing you took from all the research and the interviews you did from that programme while you be forgiven for thinking that financial education is now in the curriculum so therefore it's toll in pretty much most schools well wrong it's not just a postcode lottery it totally very school by school if don't teaches to decide it's important and when they do decide it's important it's amazing what they can teach because the resources and qualifications are right that and we were really quite surprised at how i thought some of that teach.

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