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Follow seven layers so you never miss an episode in tune in to our next episode. Where i will interview cloud security expert. Tim jefferson of barracuda networks. And as always you can learn more about the current state of technology over on sdn central dot com the cloud environment offers enterprises competitive benefits like scale ability and agility the cloud security continues to remain a concern according to mcafee one in four enterprises using public clouds experienced data theft. A major concern with ninety seven percent of organizations worldwide. He's a cloud service to some extent with cloud adoption continually increasing. It is important. Cloud security is widely understood so enterprises can be protected in cloud. Security technologies can advance in this episode. We will cover cloud security fundamentals benefits in downsides of cloud scaredy supporting technologies cloud security use cases in current cloud market landscape and its future cloud computing has proven to be the future of enterprise networking in the covid. Nineteen pandemic proved significance to the enterprise. It landscape a gartner survey found seventy percent of enterprises accelerated clouded option because of covid nineteen. And we'll continue to do so karner predicts that this will drive. Eighteen point four percent growth in the public cloud services market in twenty twenty one enterprises operational ability. The security concerns remain atop reason for avoiding cloud adoption much like traditional networking security is critical to cloud networking however cloud security takes a different approach than traditional network. Security does that security is a set of policies controls mechanisms and technologies that work together to protect cloud systems. Data infrastructure cloud security is configured to abide by compliance requirements protect data inset authentication roles for.

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