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Today prosecutors exit expanded their case against the police officers who were at the scene of the death of George Floyd let's get more in the special reports for special report protests across America bailed up to one million dollars as Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison elevated the charge against a fired Minneapolis officer to second degree murder in the death of a black man George Floyd he also noted that charge against Derek Sheldon could still be elevated to first degree murder we're continuing to gather evidence and if we get noticed to support that would be we can put in front of a jury we will present at this time we brought forth the maximum the charges we could three other former officers have been charged with aiding and abetting in a virtual town hall former president Obama said as tragic as this is all then it's been a time of awakening they offer an opportunity for us to all work together the trademark to change America and and make it live up to its highest ideals while protesters remained in the streets at this hour with a call for justice the mood has been peaceful sap in other news at six oh two of the top cop David Brown talking today about the crime numbers going down for the last couple of days let's get more on that from bill Cameron both the rioting in hand cover nineteen are coming down but that doesn't mean city hall is actually in the National Guard to leave or you just stop wearing face masks on the crowds police are projected David Brown put it this way on civil unrest deal now living on guard down we will call this we are committed to it well prepared for this too escalated in case it does I think we had moved from the weekend so we are keeping all of our resources in place no Cameron eight ninety W. last name meanwhile mayor Lightfoot today ordered the opening of downtown Chicago which had been closed because of the looting that took took place last Saturday and the mayor now says that the downtown is open and this is also the first day that we are seeing a return to a partial return to businesses in downtown Chicago because of covert nineteen big news today in Washington DC the defense secretary mark esper came out against president trump's plan to send American troops into cities to quell violence then asper ordered a couple of hundred active duty troops to leave Washington DC but late this afternoon the Associated Press reported that Casper reversed that decision to send the troops home and that means they are now staying in Washington this decision comes amid growing tensions within the White House over the military response to the protest asper continues to insist that he does not agree with the president who wants active duty forces to help quell the protests but president trump spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany says he has the right the president does to do that the president has the sole authority to invoke the insurrection act it is definitely a tool within his power this president has one singular aim it is protecting America's stream meanwhile for the first time now the president's first defense secretary James Mattis is blasting president trump Mattis gives an interview in the Atlantic magazine he says quote Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people does not even pretend to try instead he tries to divide us we are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort that is the quote from Jim Mattis in the Atlantic magazine Madison if I'm sorry John have you ever read mantises reading list no I know it's both pretty much intellectual right hand make master both are incredible intellects I mean if nothing else politics set aside you know maybe this is spilled milk maybe this is our great I don't know I can't get inside his head but I was sorry to see him go and make master both because both those guys are truly intellectuals and many many more not less than that in both federal state and local government you John the member of president trump called him Mad Dog medline health president trump loves nicknames we know that any loves uniforms we know that while I was sorry to see both those guys leave the White House and similarly with the general Kelly to now Mattis is speaking out former deputy Attorney General rod Rosenstein appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee today in a hearing on the origins of the Russia probe Linda Kenyon with more Texas Republican senator Ted Cruz says the real problem is not the probe into Russian election interference but something else entirely what the Obama Biden administration did in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen makes everything Richard Nixon even contemplated pale in comparison Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar called out senator Cruz this comparison is not only wrong today between Richard Nixon and Barack Obama it will never stand the test of time club which are also said the committee should be focusing on criminal justice reform following the death of George Floyd in her state Linda Kenyon washing another big day on Wall Street stocks closing higher the Dow up five hundred twenty seven points investors are hoping that the economy will continue to open up after after the lockdowns put in place to stem the spread of the corona virus speaking of the virus the.

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