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Pay attention road came tunnel traffic, imagine getting HD video of all activity at your door from your smartphone. That's what max security lights do plus much more talk live with visitors from anywhere better than a video doorbell and so easy to install get maximum security lights. At your local, Costco, Travis Watkins, solves IRS problems. For good Travis Watkins files missing tax returns, negotiate settlements with the IRS press. Start initiative ends IRS Wade's levies reinstates professional licenses saves passports from IRS cancellation and more over speed track. Watkins with offices here in Oklahoma City and Norman call four zero five six zero seven eleven ninety two or log onto Travis Watkins dot com. Every Saturday at September play lucky stars lucky squares to win your share of one hundred seventy six thousand dollars in cancer star play with two hundred dollars in cancer star quarter during lucky stars game of the week was working away to seventy s big screen TV's it. He's location sixty TV's raise every game day using your star. Miss lucky stars lucky squares only lucky star casino. You don't want. This Bill is coming, but she needs this chemo. That's the decision. You shouldn't have to make. It's a huge burden lifted financially. And so it allows you to give singular focus to your child. I've never known hospital that takes care of their patients. So thoroughly that was the first hour we're gonna do this when they told us that we didn't have to pay a single bell. I was like, wow. They pretty much saved us. Like the world has been lifted off your shoulders. And now your focus is supporting this child. There is another hospital likes to patient care is unmatchable. Is saved my life. My daughter's life doff AM. Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital finding cures saving children..

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