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The hour now time for a check of sport from around the world Here's Dan Schwartzman Thanks Brian Liverpool advances to the final of the carabao cup with a two nil second leg win over arsenal of Emirates as Diogo Jota scores a brace to win two Niagara The reds will face Chelsea in the final on February 27th at Wembley Meanwhile Real Madrid comes back from a gold deficit extra time to beat LJ two to one as Los Blancos gets goals from his school in the 108th minute and need in his art in the 115th minute to move on to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey Also advancing to the quarters is Athletic Bilbao after knocking off Barcelona three to two In Italy Rome advances to the quarterfinals of the Copa Italia with a three to one win over leche At the Australian open two seat Daniel Medvedev needs four sets of hands to the third round over Nick Kyrgyz while 11 seeded Yannick sinner moves on in straight sets coming up later 7 seed Matteo bear tini isn't actually against 31st east Carlos alcaraz Looking at the women's draw 17 seat Emma radou is beaten in three sets by danka COVID niche while 14 seats Simona Halep advances in trade sets Tonight fourth seat Barbara Cred jacoba 5th see Maria sakari and AC depaul badosa play third round matches Lonzo balled the Chicago Bulls has decided to have arthroscopic surgery to repair a meniscus tear in his knee which will sideline the guard for 6 to 8 weeks Ball will travel to California in the next few days to have the procedure done On the season ball's averaging 13 points 5 and a half rebounds and 5 assists per game I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports update Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day at Bloomberg dot com The Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick take This is a Bloomberg business flash Chris cassettes are selling off let's begin with crude oil WTI down more than 3% right now We're trading 82 20 check that 95 and if you look at what's happening in the equity space in Tokyo for example the nikkei is being led lower by the energy group which is down nearly 4% right now for its part the nikkei is down about 1.9% Similar story in Hong Kong not in terms of magnitude but the fact that you have energy leading the way lower in Hong Kong the energy group is down about 1.3% and that is helping to lead the hang seng lower by about four tenths of 1% Now bear in mind we did have that enormous rally in Hong Kong yesterday again in the hang sing of about 3.4% A lot of support for property developers local media reporting that China is drafting rules to make it easier for property developers to access proceeds from pre sales of homes but we're still living under this cloud of uncertainty where high technology is concerned China's Communist Party said to be renewing its pledge to crack down on corruption state media saying the government is now targeting is already embattled tech sector On the Chinese mainland Shanghai composite off about a half of 1% He sold a Cosby down and now about 1.2% right now and in Sydney the ASX 200 is lower by about 1.7% We've got a stronger yen here one 13 80 against the greenback so the gain there is about three tenths of 1% a little bit of dollar weakness that seems to correlate with a move lower in U.S. interest rates a ten year treasury in yield terms now at one 76 in the Tokyo session so we're down nearly 4% after dropping more than 500 I'm sorry four basis points after dropping more than 5 basis points in the New York session We'll talk more about markets on the other side of the top of the hour Ed Baxter is next with a look at global news He's in the Bloomberg 9 60 newsroom in San Francisco Eddie All right thank you very much Douglas just reading a story up on the Bloomberg terminal China.

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