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To having cody eakin that number one center and after there's a meeting against cody eakin but that play different dynamics sleeping mike heika of the dallas morning news joining guard stellar crowd simpson nhl network radio serious xm channel ninety one you know the season before last or member interviewing jim nill and i like the fact that he always has clarity in perspective a team just to ravaged by injuries than he does felt ok we can say but our time we got understand that's a factor didn't do things crazy even though he's a guy that's made some good trades along the way as well it bore fruit last year the way things played out what about now to get to the next level what what you're thinking well the one thing i think you still net is really smart he's trusting this kid defense they are going to completely change what they are as far as size and aids because they let alex photographed you get in the mirror and kris russell go from there all you know under sixteen under two hundred pounds and now taking their place are going to be guys like even johnson's six fourteen twenty at some wind out his stick free attempt to and can fifteen and then jamie oleksiak and patrick member to us about you post huge and so now they're younger in bigger on defense and the hope is that they're also going to be more defensive understand and so one of the biggest rounds with defending the cycle and so once you know once a transition out of it or even in transition back in in open ice they were fine when they have think set up camp and kind of learn that they were just trying and they out muscle non that's one of the reasons saint louis.

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