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This dmz of the quite old i guess that what 1960s technology message that may be an upgrade but not all who of the architecture units who built on those old foundations um there's a king behind it as well as i say so the point being what have we go about two time with it depends on the country and has particular system but these systems have vulnerabilities that's what we getting at all of our systems have benefited he's our eight me we all know this and in a every now and then as another announcement mata hardware or software that someone's found a glitch someone's found vendor ability and they have ninety days syria days tvx it and and say this we diminish trees who own nuclear weapons are aware of this unfortunately though they are dealing with a lot of legacy systems and we're concerned about a whole range of potential threats including for example the hacking into layouts of facilities of where the missiles are actually based delay out solve the platform such submarines and we're also looking at they've the rather over reliance i'm in the literature on things like epping that separating out the systems from the internet if you like and as we found with other areas where we've done work is that this is usually a mistake that you never fully act out all of the time of this because as a technical terms lead i mean a physical copy it's just the issue would be impossible for there to be any kind of connection between the border incident and these very critical defend yes and you you can build that in and you can be absolutely sure and be absolutely wrong as as in fetch iran discovered with stuxnet your of cut was so and this was a case where a pylon.

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