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Sunny how much I need things explained to me. when I'm. An old guy now? I guess I'm not elderly but. Somebody said that if there is a American flag, but there's a blue stripe in the middle and it's pro cops. But then if there's another I, don't know what's going on Aamer. I just. The fly with a flight but what do I know? This is probably why stick to sports toodle. Okay. Well, as I mentioned, there was a big football game in Las Vegas last night because it was. Monday. Night Football. which is always Obviously. It gets the attention of the nation. But I was the first time ever the NFL on a professional game in Las Vegas with the home team calling itself. Off Vegas. I picked my raiders semi raiders have been a fan, my whole life and. Continue to be. To lose but they actually. I can't remember the last time I can say that the raiders outcoached good coach I thought that. Sean Payton. Was a little bit outcoached at certain times, which is weird to think about. Drew brees I counted five drops from his receivers. But the raiders have a couple of guys. Who are excellent on their offense? One of them is Josh Jacobs I I can't remember. Anyone since Marcus Allen who really runs the ball that hard and gained so much positive yardage for guy who's really not that big. So He's a star and then waller who we found out last year was A. Star tight end as well. And in a league where they're much more. High Profile. Tight ends deservedly like Travis Calcio George Kendall. and. There are guys that make tons of money like Austin Hooper. That if you look at their and waller and what he's been able to do the last year or two games I, mean he really? is fantastic. And so the raiders won that game and they are now To Anno- for the first time since I don't know a long time. And the the New Orleans Saints. This is the thing for me. I need to see the stuff with my own eyes unless I have some sort of inside information. And I had no. Inside information to say that the. Saints were now not as good as the raiders. On the night you never know what's going to happen but it's sort of like people ask me Rick why didn't you pick the as to win the division which they congratulations my Oakland is one the American league. It's because Houston had dominated for so many years that it wasn't enough for me to say, well, you know they had. Garbage can gate. So now they're going to have to They're gonNA have to take a step back like now. Still. MANIACI and fires a couple youngsters like this SORTA UNPACK and ended up not even pitching. And it was still Hendrix as A. Closer I think it's hilarious. There's an article and as beat writer saying that. Maybe, Hendrix should be considered for the CY young and the MVP is one blown save on opening night. Out. Like he's getting to the CY young over Shane Bieber. I mean it's just first of all. I'm not against closers getting the. Cy. Young. But YOU'RE GONNA have to give me fifty. Even a sixty games schedule. and. That's only if that every starter stinks like the best starter in the League has a four twenty six. And maybe I would do it. But I'll get back to the raider game. In the second let's go to Chris who is out in Oakland what's going on Chris? Hey. Rick, thanks for taking my call. Man Show is always good morning. What's up buddy nothing? Hey, just you know I know you're talking to the raiders and just how many of these Oakland guys just can't watch it man just didn't watch yesterday and watched one play NFL. You know that's the election I guess most of my friends are sticking with the raiders are just watching it but anyway depressing but a reason I, called was You know we do have one team that is from Oakland that's in the playoffs and I wanted to get your take on who you think the A lot. On the other show that people talk about you know through the star is going to be but I don't know. Do you need Bass it's GonNa Start, and Who You? Guys would start. In the in the I I. Yeah I mean I think they're probably it depends. Of course, how it all shakes out the the good news for the as is that they have. A chance now to get the rotation like they like it. The pitcher with lowest era as you just mentioned of courses Chris Bassett, but he always seems to get a little bit of a Shirk you know like He. He'll probably he's probably expecting to get moved to the bullpen for the playoffs. It just seems like they do that which is. In placer miners not going to start Lusa while miners nightmare to me I just had that complete game. But I think that guy's you shouldn't even be in the big but I would imagine this Sarajevo and montages are in the mix with Maniaci and fires and bombing listen they're all there. But Yeah I think MANIACI is not going to get the love. Because of. I don't know it's weird because of course, he started the wildcard. Game. but I mean Bass citizen pitching too well. To to ignore, but I think they would probably..

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