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To office because of gift I'll keep giving. They were thinking that was going to ruin his reputation his professional reputation. He is defined do cruel and love. That we might make a thousand dollars to cost problem. He was asking if I do something that pretend to be a sugar baby of Dr Sonya, I think Mike would have been embarrassed to tell me he was doing that. Because he knows I would've told him quickly on a dummy. You know this. This is ridiculous. You why you waste of this time. We love it. Kosta? Pretty soon. Dave Sheppard is taking trips to Lubbock owner is oh and police they think that's at the direction of Mike Dixon. You. Great. And we knew his house. Tell me about it now and action. Thank you. Art. Getting took a picture closer. It looks like a camera flash. We kind of shrugged our shoulders and said that was weird. What do we do in the next course of action? Rela and some people. War killing. Doc, talk, really. So they're having drinks one night. And so far it's been nothing more than casual pranks. But you're talking about what comes next and you got to outdo. What you did the last time. And now the talk turns to something a little bit more sinister what he says about the last bullets Docker son as life surprise, even investigate. When you have a suspect literally provide you hit a very straight forward manner. The cost problems play by play frame by frame following of a crime. That's occurred from the very beginning. How did this get any better? They've shepherd is singing like Jerry implicates, Dr Dixon said he had to get even with this guy for basically taking his girl. Pretty much. Chapter tells police that while they're drinking the whiskey and sharing cigars, they are now in the midst of developing a plot to actually commit murder, the murder of Dr Sonia war, hurt the belt and having. I asked you. You should you want to do this. Kill something to commercial. Not follett. He goes as well to make. They plan and they've planned for months and months and months. Play. Mike and make when we'll slate out. The best way to carry forth. Stakeouts? Wait from become. This about the actual date that this happened. Late Tuesday, Tuesday, July tenth today in Lubbock cooler temps that will into the upper seventies and lower eighties shepherd makes the drive from Amarillo to Lubbock, Texas, keel, two and a half hours and gets to Joseph Saudi as house around four clock of the alley. Chair from his dining table. He has a curved. Rick fence bites driveway on the west side of the tree by that fence stood up to be. Contact reducing. Just. Thanks of either. Dave shepherd. The only person he could trust Goto with any issue in this case this Dr Dickson in Dr Dixon's mine shepherds the perfect guy to carry out this mission because Dixon's like, the boss, he's the prominent physician and shepherd is essentially a looser and the patsies ready to do whatever he's told windy, toot, F and the guy. He's a woken by the sound of someone knocking on the window from the inside. And it's none other than Dr Joseph Sagnier. To the what the he's. The tone down. Just. Three or four discharges backing away personalty pulse to the ground shepherd committed that he had used a Gatorade bottle to try and muffle the sound of the gunshot. And that he had learned that technique by watching a movie that starts even sickle. Goren corner. As turn rental hallway running the garage. He's lying on the four. Sturman by Lawrence. I find that. Bizarre. It's like he is so determined to make this right for whatever. His relationship might be with Dixon that he wants to complete the task, according to Sheppard after he kills Dr Sonya, he then drives back to ever Rillo..

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