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Citizen with a cognitive disability is in danger and his activating a silver alert. This activation of the Zona silver alert comes at the request of the Mesa police department. Police are looking for ninety four year old Bonnie, oh, Daniel she was last seen around one o'clock, leaving a Costco near southern and Sossamon road. She may be driving a white nineteen ninety eight Cadillac Cadillac DeVille with Arizona license plate c k M four three eight five again, Arizona license plate c k M four three eight five. Oh, Daniel stands of five foot two inches tall with Brown hair and blue eyes. She weighs one hundred five pounds. She was last seen wearing a blue t shirt and blue jeans. She does suffer from severe Alzheimer's anyone who sees Daniel is asked to call Mesa. Police. Local grassroots organizations are calling on our newly elected senators to fix what they call a failed US policy toward asylum. Is their duty as part of the constitution that these asylum-seekers have a right as their Lum with the Cajun reunite families. Coalition is calling on our newest senators to follow in late. Senator McCain's footsteps with fair and humane immigration reform crisis has come about because of the new policies put in place where applying for asylum has been slowed down. They're asking for an investigation into the death of a seven-year-old Guatemalan girl who died in custody of US customs and border protection. Ali vetnar, KTAR news. Arizona could start allowing hemp production earlier than expected. State lawmakers passed a Bill earlier this year to begin allowing farmers to grow hemp in August, the state Senator Sony Borelli wants to move up that Bill and it to may now that the federal farm Bill has been approved and it legalizes hemp. I want to be able to have Zona be able to conduct business and ready for planting season, which is June July Borelli says farmers. Would benefit from going growing hemp, which doesn't require a lot of water and can be used to make a number of items like clothing items and shoes of fifteen year old student from this disarray, high school was sent to the hospital with a broken elbow after an alleged assault by his teacher slummy and the news arm that I was just slammed on that was broken us that choke me and Pitta Zobel in the Beckmann, neck, Jeremiah Davis tells ABC fifteen a security guard was present at the time. Davis says the fight started after his t- refused to give him back. His phone after class inex- union school district is investigating. The teacher has also filed a police report the FDA is advising you to no longer seething necklaces after an eighteen month old baby died from strangulation while he was chewing on an amber teething, necklace. The necklace has been connected to choking answering deletion. This item has been used to relieve pain caused by teething and babies. The governor says if you have plans to visit the green canyon. This weekend. Keep them. It will remain open. If there's a government shutdown, regardless of what happens in Washington. The governor says the Grand Canyon will not close on his watch..

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