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Hear each other. It's like that echo chamber. You know, it'd be like you saying something. I'm just like, yeah, yeah, yeah. What he said yeah. And he tried to get some real authentic information and facts and get the research and you just sort of avoid it. You go nah, so much easier to just nod my head when he says it's the right thing to do. They are lazy, they're ignorant, they're disgusting. They're just disgusting. And I hope the liberals, the actual Democrats, start rejecting all that crap too, because that's what I think is maybe going to happen because the Virginia Democrats clearly a lot of them said, no, Terry McCullough, no, I'm a parent too. I'm not voting for you because you're an imbecile and you think that I don't have a say in my kids education. Goodbye, Terry. Go go off with Bill Clinton. Bill got out of the hospital not long ago. Go bedside to Bill Clinton and make sure he's doing well as your pal. Okay, enough. Get out of politics all together. And to be fair, I mean, that was one of the worst run campaigns in history. Just putting Trump on blast 24/7 for a guy that wouldn't even bring Trump to his campaigns, right? Glenn youngkin made a calculated decision to say, I will take the endorsement from Donald Trump, but I'm not going to play this vote for me because I'm a friend of Donald Trump and I don't mean actual friend. I just mean, so the youngen campaign was phenomenal, not because he won just because he had a great campaign and a great message to his constituents in Virginia. And on the flip side, he had a guy that sat there and tried to race bait and play the Donald Trump card all year long and it didn't work. And one last thing to the far left here, it's okay to have opinions. It's okay to have differing opinions. One thing may be important to my cafe flick that's not as important to Mike's brazza. One thing may be important to Mike's brows, it's not important to be like, hey, that's okay. The idea is you got to come to work together and not put down people or just go against he's white, so he must be a racist. No, no, no, no. We as white people are not all racist. Am I saying there's not race out there? Of course there are. But the majority by 99% of people, 99.5% of people are not racist human beings. Right. And it's a great point. Just a great point. I'm also not perfect. Right. You told me something, and I have a different opinion. I'm open minded to hearing your facts. Tell me why, give me some time and I might just come your way because I might not know everything, right? They don't have a compromising bone in their body. They can not do it. They just, it's all about identity. It's about identity. And it has nothing to do with policy, has nothing to do with facts and research and what's good for all. It's just identity. It's crap. It's crap is what it is. And most people look, everybody comes from different backgrounds too. Everybody comes from different situations in life. Certain people may be tougher on drugs because their family had drugs in the family. Some people may be different on racism because they grew up in a town that had racism, right? I mean, everybody has different experiences. And again, that's what makes our country great. If we all come together and we talk about these things and we fix these things, 200 years ago is much different than 2021. Or 2022 about debate. We're going to live learn and grow over time..

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