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Have to deliver on that. Because he's facing a major reelection campaign in may and the risk is there's a certain amount of retaliation that I think Pakistan would take without risking escalation the question is how much visible missile strikes, for example. I think might force Pakistan to retaliate, and you get into the cycle where the conflict doesn't remain confined to the line of control, but spills over potentially over the international boundary and border. And I think that risk is very low. But you can imagine a scenario where Mody miscalculates, and you can get off to the. Racist really quickly. Are you concerned enough in this current crisis to think, oh, there could be some sort of nuclear option being fettered? Not yet. I think right now, there's still there's a wide berth of potential retaliatory options, especially across the line of control of India and Pakistan, restrict themselves to exchanges across the line of control, then the risk of nucleus collisions almost zero. But if things get going across the international border and Indian ground forces across the international border, then I think the risk rises really sharply for now. There's a lot of concern about escalation dynamics, and I share those concerns, but there's a long way between where we are today and potentially nuclear escalation and both sides Pakistan will rattle the nuclear saver is India likes to call it. But if the international borders crossed, and I think you have a really sharp rise of potentially conventional conflict that could escalate to nuclear use by Pakistan. Lesson here is India has do something and doesn't have any good options. That's exactly right VIP in Narang is a nuclear policy expert at MIT. He's been talking about the risks of conflict between India and Pakistan. Thanks, I appreciate the president of the Philippines. Rhodri? Go Detaille is notorious for making provocative statements and for his vicious war on drugs. His latest proposal. He wants to change the country's name the world's Patrick win. Has that story? The Philippines is named after a guy who never set foot in the Philippines. King Felipe bay. The second also called king Philip ruled Spain through much of the sixteenth century time when Spain was busy conquering civilizations all around the planet, including one archipelago in Asia that was home to many diverse -ociety, and people's but the Spanish empire said, Nope, you're all subjects under one ruler. Now, king Felipe bay and this whole island chain became the Philippines. We live because it wasn't his global. Erred by Medina. You'll sing demanding king Philippe, that's president Detaille at a speech last week bringing up not only king Philip, but Magellan the first European explorer to ever reach the islands Detaille says we need to erase the influence of these idiots and renamed the Philippines to the Republic of Mahar lak- of modern was modern it is in Malaysia ward. It means. Moto conceivable Cirino and. Mahar -lica- is an old old word originating in sanskrit, and then used in the Mullaly guage, which was spoken in the Asian tropics long before the Europeans came I called a Filipina historian who specializes in the colonial era, and I asked for her gut reaction to this proposed name change. I don't think every day Filipinos think of their problems as being rooted in the colonial past Deirdre Delacruz is an associate professor at the university of Michigan. Honestly, most Filipinos have a lot more to worry about than being onto by the ghost of king. Philip. Such as details war on drugs, which is killed by some estimates. More than twenty thousand people piling problems on top of a nation already troubled by corruption poverty and fierce typhoons now axing the name Philippines for the Republic of Mahardhika. That idea was I pushed by Ferdinand Marcos the US back dictator who is outed by his people back in the nineteen eighties..

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