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When he's an analyst for ESPN? Yeah, I mean, look, they have the clip last week, right that he was ripping the Raiders. And that's who they're playing this week in his first game. So it's unique and we've never seen anything like it in the NFL. But what I've heard from a lot of people who work with Jeff Saturday, they said, two things can be true. He's great. He could be great, but they're probably could have been better way to do this. We talked about scoring being down. You know, one of the teams that relies on that running game and playing good defensive Tennessee Titans, they go to Kansas City last week with the bat with The Rookie quarterback Malik Willis obviously is not the answer and you can't hit the ball to Derek Henry 30 times a game and expect to win. They get Tannehill back this week and they're going to get trailing Burke's back this week. Is that going to be enough to take the pressure off of a guy like Derek Henry? I think so. And one thing we saw in the first three and a half quarters of that game last week is what a good coach Mike rabel is, right? I mean, he gets the most out of that team year after year after year. They haven't had a sensational quarterback. They have a great running back. The best in the league probably and if they've had a good defense, so I think yeah, I think you get Burke's back and get Tannehill back. You can start giving your off because once they got to fourth quarter, once mahomes took over, the Titans had no answer. And Taylor hill is gives him an opportunity for an answer. But I think if we're able to just show what a good job he does, getting the best out of his team. So now with the bears playing the Lions today, what is the defense's answer to shutting down a Jamal Williams or Deandre swift. The bears defense run defense has not been good. Of course, the lion's defense hasn't been good either. Yeah, it could be a track meet today. It's funny, you think of the lions and bears historic franchises. You don't think high scoring game, but they've had a few in the past few seasons. I think you look at a guy like Jack Sanborn, thought a nice first game gets his feet wet. Does he play a little bit even better today? Nick morrow gets more comfortable at his new spot at the week side linebacker, but you're really asking for those guys at the front of the defensive line. You know, the Angela blacks and Justin Jones, arman watts, the great fourth three defenses we saw here, the Ted washingtons of the world. Obviously, these guys aren't anywhere close to that level. But that's what you need out of those defensive linemen is to take up blockers of the linebackers come through and make those stops. So how do they go about doing that today? Again, Jamal Williams, this is a guy who is, you know, he's 4.3 yards of carry, which is not dramatic, but he's got 8 touchdowns this year, and then swift, who's been banged up some was upset over the way he was used last week or not used very much last week, probably will get a lot more carries, and he comes in averaging better than 7 yards of Karen. Yeah, well, here's one guy to maybe keep an eye on. How about you Quan brisker? You know, this is someone they drafted and one of the reasons they love pairing with Eddie Jackson. He's good in the box. And I think he had some trouble earlier on the season almost too aggressive sometimes. And he admitted that he takes that one extra step to wrap up mate that tackle. Does he become a key to the right events? I think if you're the bears, right? You're comfortable putting the game in Jared Goff's hands today, aren't you? I mean, golf did a pretty solid season, but I think that you'll take that with Jalen Johnson Eddie Jackson in the background. So I would imagine that they're going to do what they can to stop the run game. Yeah,

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