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Would Not Rule Out Elizabeth Warren. I think she'd be excellent for secretary of Education. She was a professor at but I still suspect that the ultimate nominee may choose stacey. Abrams from people here like stuff about her. Yeah but it's you know it's fascinating you really do it regardless of what party or did not have a woman or person of color on a democratic ticket and you know it's weird. No matter what party you belong to I. I actually admire anybody. Who who has the wherewithal to put their entire life on hold and try this? Try and run for president. Because think about it you you take everybody with you and the minute you quit. They're all out of a job. Yeah so it's good. It's hard and I respect anybody who goes for that. You know it's funny there's Do you know the Coen brothers movie no country for old manager. This is still a country for old. Men are not presently is going to be a seventy eight year old white man. Yeah apparently false tack Nicole Enda Age Forty. One became the first man ever traverse and active volcano by highwire when he across the eighteen thousand foot wide mouth of hell crater atop the Masaya volcano in Nicaragua. The stunt took the Sarasota Florida native around thirty minutes. During which he had to navigate noxious fumes and unpredictable wind gusts and of course the rolling lake of lava below however not. Everybody was impressed. We'll end is feeling the heat on social media for wearing a safety guard during the crossing. Apparently he says. Abc made him wear the harness. Now Clinton Yates came by the studio the other night while it was going on. He was mesmerized. By the whole thing. I was excited. I was watching on periscope. He texted me later to say it. Lost all drama. Because he wore the safety. Harness isn't walking across a volcano enough to be impressive. We were rooting for the stakes of having actually fall into a pit of fire. Let me explain this for anyone who has ever worked in television. Yes there's a Coronado Bridge San Diego very famous. Yeah so one day. A bungee jumping company came out right and one of their guys was going to Bungee. Jump off the Coronado Bridge. Yep and I wanted to do it as part of the story. I thought that would be. I would do the whole story on him and at the end of it we would both jump off the bridge. Okay and knows I. Is this where this story's going and so I said it's the talk for? This is a great idea. This is GonNa be awesome and I said Dr mentioned it to the news director or do I do it and just apologize later right. He goes well. If you don't mention I you might get fired and so I said okay. I'll mention to him. I and I told them my plan was and he goes. It's a great idea. It's a great visual. If you do it you're really as we cannot legally cover you. Yeah because it. Get your your. Your family could sue the station and win right. He said that's what this was. Abc Can't put that on television while. Enda falls into the volcano. Just wait a second. We watched evil knievel drive over twenty trucks or whatever. It is on his motorcycle. He didn't have a safety harness. What's different I think he must have either signed a waiver. Or it's too litigious now that they won't even let you sign a waiver change. Yeah I think the whole thing is easier way of say impressive drive. I'm not unimpressed. With Nick. Willing to that. He put on a safety harness. It's still a ballsy but I guess it's the threat of falling that made the stakes really high false tied Lindsay. I'm GONNA you pick. Are you ready? We're GONNA in this week with either? The Uber facts game or the alumni. Game which one you want. Which one is the Uber Facts? On again I give you four facts. Three of them are real ones fake alumni game. Is I give you all night? Okay we'RE DOING THE ALUMNI GAME. Here we go. I did well at the alumni Here we go eight is. I'm going to give you guys a person that went three people that I went to the same school. If the first person of four points wins you get it on the? I guess you get to Lindsey Ready. You get the first one Joel. Mchale the former host of talk soup and and the lead on community. Joel McHale when you know where you went. And why no good guess funds Taylor wrap the rams safety do man University of Texas. No Mace Warren Moon Washington University Washington. And Steve. From Joel McHale. I'm not sure what he didn't start with you. Football tied into their futch. Amy Poehler from Saturday night. Live fame very funny. Guess Notre Dame Notre Dame could gas no mace jared Dudley from the Lakers Arizona State. No Lindsey Matt Ryan. The quarterback of the Falcons Boston College in colleges correct and Lindsey is on the board. All right next one up mace. You are I Jack Lemmon. The great actor laid actor Jack. Lemmon Illinois no Lindsey. Steve Balmer owner of the Clippers Stanford no fuss Jeremy Lin. A Harvard. Harvard is right. And it's a tie everybody's got a point. Wow so jack. Lemmon went to Harvard Steve Bomber. And so did Jeremy Lin Lindsey Guy Fieri the chef Michigan no offense Randall Cunningham. Lv you're correct. Michael Punches has to all right. You can win it if you get this Bradley Cooper who Penn State. No really I was also thinking Mace. Ivanka TRUMP DONALD's daughter the president's daughter she went to. And this is Undergrad. Undergrad yeah she went to Yale. No good guests. Lindsey Alan Iverson Georgetown. Georgetown is it Lindsay to punch to Mason one aright. Mace Robert Redford. He went to take a guess. Colorado two points on that. How'd you sundance son all very good okay? So now. Mason goes.

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