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Me. Now bob waiting also parenthetically cody wrote in the most narcissistic comment in a column. You'll ever see in a show co hosted by me. There was no reason for him to say but he meant and he stole the whole article from. I mean it's the laziest piece of shit. I've ever seen rid of so proud of him. Yes so anyways. Bought ryan is with us right now and bob. This is not an authentic. This is not meant to agitate you. But amino acid worked for the sun's front office. I mean has does no basketball. So i mean before he you know ravenously each your face just explain. I'm sure you won't do it to his face. The way you just did it explained to him. What your theory is on. This will mr ryan basically my my point is in the nfl we recognize nfl championships super bowl but we don't really celebrate them the same way we celebrate the post afl nfl murder. The actual super bowls so zach harper and i have suggested we do the same in the nba where we recognize the exploits of champions prior to the ab nba merger. But we don't hold them in the same regard as we do modern nba titles in the same way that jim brown will always be when the greatest football players of all time and he won championships in cleveland. We don't really talk about it that much. Bill russell is one of the greatest players of all time and he won championships in boston. But we don't talk. We shouldn't talk about them as much because it came at a time when their own eighteen in the league it came at a time where many of the best players were not there yet because they were playing a separate league refused to indulge in any discussion. That involves a theory of basketball. Wow delicate and your delicate about it. I mean you. That's not how you said it before. Tell them what you said about. Cousy is a fraud. This guy shot.

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