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From what from what you re or hearing is there is there a team that's out there from what we've seen out of matt harvey that would be willing to give him a major league deal at this point or do you think he's going to have to work his way up out of the minor leagues for another team no i think there's enough teams that don't have a shot to win this year and they'll look at it and say hey you know what we can bring in matt harvey in the major league rosser put them at the back end of the rotation see what he can do here you know i look at a team like baltimore which had some interest in in the off season maybe he's a fit there texas dan worton is down there as the assistant pitching coach he has a relationship obviously with rb from his years with the mets i think there's a couple of natural fits that that stand out and i'd be surprised if matt harvey isn't on a major league roster within the next week make some sense is worse than there i don't know somehow i'm picturing baltimore and i'm picturing the reds matt harvey regularly face the red sox and the yankees and it just doesn't sound pretty but no i guess especially in camden yard that to be seems like a recipe for disaster if i were matt i'd be i'd be calling up dan worthen so here we are this clubhouse that was salt and pepper shakers todd frazier kumbaya everything was great.

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