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Hey this is Anne Mantha ammo Understa- on ever told you production of IRA has to as record this. It is prime overeating time cutting season. Also that yes also only for me maybe maybe other people have better moderation than no not in this booth booth here. It is the holiday times. It's been a lot of us. Do perhaps overindulge. But you know you only do it twice a year and it's at the same time there's so many pies. How can you say no to Pi? Pi I I do love pies so much I do too. Okay there at the top of my desert hierarchy. Yes and so we found this classic for for you asking the age old question I guess not because the question is is is food the new sex and this was after you might remember there were a bunch of studies that came out where it seemed that respondents for more excited about something like a pie then sex. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I think I'd be more excited about Pie. I mean pie is damn good. Luscious is it got me to thinking about kind of another avenue of this conversation I guess of how we use his words to describe food that are often sexual nature or things like Guilty sinful indulgence decadence commercials using women like sex objects Or eating food like they're having orgasm or something but just just a kind of weird intersection of consumption. I guess of consuming women. Consuming food sexualizing. Both it's weird it is and I think Guilty guilt foods That's something that I really struggled with because I have been somebody who's pretty strict about what I eat often And you do have those guilty foods. But I'm trying really hard to get away from that kind of thinking right Moderation is always good. But I don't WanNa feel guilty about enjoying doing a slice of pie or have a by or a whole pie. Maybe I will feel guilty about that. Little baby steps the way we can split it. Okay perfect oh I told you that this new years last year and yes we did it. Is You needed. Mac can cheese and I ordered it twice. Ordered it twice is success. It was delightful very decadent indie but yeah we hope that For those of you listening and celebrating the holidays that you have a wonderful holiday and that you enjoy this classic episode. Welcome to stuff. Mom never told you from how stuff works dot com..

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