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Down here in texas recipe. I don't know but with the invasion the criminal immigrants invasion. It's coming in the criminal. Immigrants break in and as has been reported here. But you're not hearing much about it until this week the illegals criminal immigrants. They're not forced to take vaccines. They're not getting the experimental shot in her arm. They're sent off We saw a lot of video footage of the illegal immigrants from haiti under the bridge. And del rio de hard pressed to find a mask on anybody and then we find out that the criminal immigrants invasion and especially this particular haitians this week. That's focusing on. We're being put on buses and planes and shipped off and not being tested for the wound. And you're out there on your burning shirt and feel the burn. Iheart the fake indian elizabeth. Whatever you're like wait a minute. I've been sold i. I'm like that guy that loser in the three card monte game by the subway stop and how come. I didn't win the twenty dollars like the guy next to me because the left when they weren't hating jews in israel took a break played you. They weren't wearing masks. Well that's okay. fully vaccinated are not to wear masks. The emmys right. But you go to a restaurant in new york. You've gotta show this vaccination. Id and your driver's license. And all that and that led to a skirmish porter hostess of italian restaurant on the upper west side. We saw that footage. And then we find give you this one lone reporter in san antonio at a tv station. Outdoor k. is a k. e. n. s. Or something whatever. It is said this one of her. We have a team that goes out and does and looks for all this audio. This is what she said in her report. Ivan del rio according to the border patrol. Union here The migrants under the bridge are not in custody. They are free to leave if they want to go back to mexico and border patrol as it's been doing throughout the pandemic is not techs testing migrants for kobe at this facility people break in not forced to get the william shot people break in. They're put on planes and buses and they don't even have to get a hint shock to get on the bus or plane. Dude you and that tight feel the burn shirt with the moves. You've been played

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