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Its late evening on july fourth day. Twelve of the rescue. The camp is starting to quiet down. The press has gone home and the workers are packing up for the day but in the americans tent. The shadow operation group has gathered to hear john's report. The regular group is present. Rick and john and the american special ops team including sergeant derek anderson. A few new divers from the uk and australia have joined. The group to the mood is subdued and quiet. Major hodges breaks the silence. how are the conditions down there in the cave. John von then speaks up. Oxygen is low and the kids will need more food soon. Sergeant anderson tells the divers they can quickly russell up more are ease. Rick shakes his head. That's not the problem. The problem is carrying extra weight to. It's already grueling dive. We need experienced divers people trained in this kind of thing. We don't have that time before the rains arrive. Hodges knows rick is right but there must be other options rick. The seals said the kids her roosters and dogs somewhere. What do you think of the alternate entrance theory not possible. There are no towns close enough for the boys to hear life and they're sitting at least a third of a mile down. I am one hundred percent certain. The main cave entrance is the only way in. And what about the oxygen pipe. The seals are working on. Is that an option. But again rick shakes his head. No there are jagged rocks and edges everywhere and the gap between chambers three and four is the size of a manhole cover. Hauer inexperienced divers going to screw together lengths of hose and push that through before the rain comes. It's like trying to shove an oversize pillow into a case. That's too small no matter what way you look at it. It creates risks so no alternate entrance. No auction knows what's left. Hodges puts it up to the room. The thai command insists on a zero risk option. Are there any at all. The tent falls silent. finally rix quietly. Unfortunately there are no zero-risk options here. Another silence then. Hodges speaks up again then we have to look at the option of diving them out again. Let's talk about odds. What do you think rick in this situation. We're looking at an eighty percent fatality rate. That means ten of them won't make it out. The divers look at the floor faces. Grim hodges gives the group a minute of the thought to sink in and then turns to a whiteboard. Okay gentlemen how do we better odds over the next several hours the divers top three various scenarios. How many divers would they need. How would they do it. And how long would it take one of the biggest challenges of emission. Like this is even if they can find experienced cave divers none of them will know the route. This isn't your ordinary cave dive. This is a one and a half mile. Trek through sharp outcroppings and tight passages that hardly fit a man unless he turns sideways added child of that one who most likely flail and panic. It's a suicide mission. Rick tells the group when we pulled out those stranded pump workers. It was a disaster. No matter which way they turned the puzzle around they keep coming back to the same number eighty percent battalion rate.

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