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In Bozeman Lynchburg Gohar aware and of the gaudy is just a prayer away radio broadcast it is written all the churches of Christ you it is written we know see only one of it is right he saved others himself he cannot save it is for our final four in just my it is very although nothing to do with this rushes or I have suffered many things just in a dream because of it is a I have soon did that I betrayed innocent blood it is written this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased stir here he here while the Pharisees were gathered together Jesus ask them a question saving what think you of Christ whose son is he they say on to him the son of David he said I thought of them how then does David in the spirit call him lord saving the lord said unto my lord set thou on my right hand to la put vine enemies under Lafayette if David then calls him lord the how is he his son and no one was able to answer him a word neither Durst any man from that day forth ask him any more questions my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness are there not trust the sweetest frame but wholly lean on Jesus name on Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand when darkness veils is lovely face arrest on his own changing grace in every high and stormy gale anchor holds within the veil on Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand his old his covenant his blood me and the Wyoming flood when all around my soul gives way he then is all my hope and stay on Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground there is sinking sand ladies and gentleman listen this message entitled what think you of Christ according to Matthew the twenty second chapter a series of questions have been asked of Jesus in a vain endeavor to wooden snare him in these talk the pharmacy users sent a delegation to ask about tribute to seize our Jesus told them render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and the god the things that are gods then the Sadducees came with a question about the resurrection this group did not believe in the resurrection neither angels nor spirits Jesus told them they ordered because they knew not the scripture nor the power of god again it was the Pharisees it came and tried to minimize the commandments by asking which was the greatest commandment of all some people today use the same ruse by asking the question which commandment is the greatest in the plan of salvation is it face is it repentance is a baptism which is the greatest commandment the principle of James applies here he that offends in one point is guilty of all Jesus completely defeated them by then turned the tables on them by asking them a question he said what thank ye of Christ whose son is he he did not say or what do you think of me he knew that I did not recognize him as the Christ but they did believe in a Christ or messiah that would come and the question was what do you think of the missile that you are looking for they answered correctly as they replied that he will be the son of David the lord finished a quotation from psalms for them by saying since our my right hand until I make the enemies of the foot stool of our feet if David then calls him lord how is he his son when they perceive that the only explanation was the virgin birth no one dared to answer a word at this point we leave the Pharisees and there is a level and asked the question for our own edification ladies and gentleman what think you of Christ first we consider the testimony of the devil and others in the kingdom of darkness listen to them as they tell us what they think of Jesus during his so Jordan on planet earth the first identification of Jesus was by the devil himself Jesus was preaching in the synagogue of party I'm on a Sabbath day and in the synagogue there was a man who had the spirit of an unclean demon and he cried with a loud voice what have we to do with the cheese a style and have a read art thou come to destroy us Dino the who thou art the holy one of god that is what the devil thinks of Jesus the devil calls him the holy one of god now that is significant when the devil called Jesus the holy one of god because just before this the devil had tried Jesus in the wilderness with the strongest temptations and fatal no one had ever stood up to him before and one over the devil as Jesus then add to this the fact that from the age of twelve until he was thirty years old we know nothing about the life of Jesus except for the fact that he was a carpenter the devil had been busy all of those years that we don't know anything about tempering the lord in his teenage years and during his twenties and Jesus was always victorious over every temptation the devil would not have called Jesus the holy one of god otherwise when the devil stands face to face with Jesus he calls him wholly then again in the country of the gathering is Jesus was met by a man had a legion of demons with their name this man cried with a loud voice what have I to do with the Jesus thou son of the most high god are now come to torment us before the time the devil not only recognize Jesus as the son of god but also made a comment about the existence of the place of torment and the power of Jesus to see that he was tormented there and that is what the devil thinks of Jesus according to the devil Jesus is the son of god he is holy and has the power overdone this and the power over the devil the cast him into hell and that is the opinion that the devil has of the lord Jesus Christ ladies and gentleman what thank ye of Christ next we consider what the Pharisees thought of Jesus Luke tells us that all the publicans and sinners were drawing near on to him to hear him the Pharisees and the scribes made this awful charge against Jesus they said this matter receivers centers yeah either with lamb ladies and gentleman I'm glad to hear that myself that testimony of the enemies of Jesus think of it the pharmacy said that Jesus will receive centers and eat with them and they thought that was an insult that means Jesus will receive maybe that means he will eat with me what a compliment they paid him if Christ had not recieve centers and then ate with some I would still be on my way to hurl are you eat with the lord every Sunday when I eat of the low find drink of the food Levine then again while the lord was on the cross the chief priest made the charge he saved others himself he cannot save according to them the lord Jesus could not save himself and save us at the same time that is the gospel according to the devil I am glad that he did not save himself from the agony of the cross if he hadn't again are safe I would be on my way to hell the devil and the Pharisees understood clearly that I could not go to heaven without the death of the lord Jesus Christ hear their view of Christ again they said he received centers he ate sweat some he cannot save us by saving himself that is the view of the devil of the death of Christ on the cross listen to that again it is almost unbelievable the devil believe that Jesus died to save my soul so what thank ye of Christ now listen to Caiaphas the high priest tells what he thinks about Jesus when Jesus was tried before Caiaphas they sought false witness against Jesus I am the very good the find that none okay a first in desperation put Jesus under oath and said are you sure the E. by the living god that they'll tell us whether thou art the Christ Jesus say of under whom thou hast said never the less I say on the U. henceforth ye shall see the son of man seated at the right hand of power and coming on the clouds of heaven then the high priest read his garment saying he has spoken blasphemy what further need have we of witnesses according to care for us the promise Jesus made of his second coming on the clouds to be seen by everyone including the ones who pierced him was mmhm blasphemy K. F. us may not like what he heard but he understood what Jesus meant now what safety of Christ now consider also what pondered thought about Jesus Jesus was delivered to Pontius pilot and the charge was made that he had perverted the nation forbidding them to give tribute to seize our this was a serious charge but one pilot examine Jesus his verdict given to his accusers was I find no fault in this manner not only did he say he found no fault in this man but while he was sitting on the judgment seat his wife sent unto him a note and said have though nothing to do with this righteous man or I have suffered many things this daily in a dream because of him ms is Pollock was having nightmares over the whole situation and call Jesus a righteous man no fault in him a righteous man this was the opinion of both product and his wife and the devil that they hadn't for Jesus ladies and gentleman I live two thousand years this side of pilot and his wife and I stand shoulder to shoulder with Mister and Mrs Pontius pilot I find no fault in this righteous man now what think he of Christ now listen again the what Judas had to say about the character of Jesus Judas was the arch trader who betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver surely there must be some terrible charge that can be made by a man who heard Jesus preach one who is seen him raise the dead then restore sight to a man born blind walk on the water and then sold them out to the enemy for such a small sophomores thirty pieces of silver the small amount was it self an insult what terrible dastardly thing had Jesus done to deserve such contemptuous treatment listen to Judas as he bares his soul when he saw that Jesus was condemned to be crucified a repetitive self and brought back the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders saying.

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