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Highlands, Nuremberg skills. It's time for another alone today and a couple of you noted that the contest we'll also just sort of cut off well. That was where we called it. The one where we screwed up the end you see what happened was would happen. Was I failed to run the backup and robots battery ran out. About halfway through, but upsetting really. But Tomes, recording a my recording for the next Ariza was okay. So. There's a couple of little snippets that I'm going to fire out in the next couple of days next week. Just. US Paul Robert is going to be left out and one of the things we talked is electric trucks. No, no, not no, no, not reviewing. Another one this one. I heard today. Can you confirm or deny an NPR story today? Of A an electric truck company I've never heard of that had taken over GM plant somewhere I think Ohio that is making pickup trucks. And it's not lucid, not riven. Another one and they've actually started production. Can you, please confirm Dong or so. It's the GM plant in Lordstown Ohio. Lordstown. That's the one I know. It's the endurance Lordstown. motown motors the endurance. Jewel this came out of. The start up building electric pickup scheduled to be unveiled on Thursday and this was a story from June twenty third. So that's GonNa be two days from now. They're gonNA actually unveil the trucks, not building it so just to follow up a little bit on this truck situation. This is where we are in the world of electrified trucks cyber. Truck Ford F one fifty electric GM's new electric Hummer..

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