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Kentucky bobby frankel division old friends and saratoga i know they'll be glad to see poodle frenzy blind dot org or call us at five oh two eight six three seventy seven five get started in kentucky over eight million dollars in additional money is available at the five kentucky tracks were horses eligible with the kentucky thoroughbred development fund kentucky tuckey is a good place to raise your kentucky bread come home to kentucky and make a stock ville dot com is a cost effective chinese sending these lenders were able to generate electronic vendors who could pay horse bills dot com bridge is in the house working ministers are easy inside have arcane take over your bookkeeping endurable doing michelle obama people should check out our video tutorial on the horse to get started today for free or spills dot com don't free number eight eight eight three four four free were back coming up on just about the bottom of the hour an nypd walk is tied up and so will get the knicks tomorrow i apologize and that brings us instead to jimmy jerkins an jimmy what's on my list even before saturday a because holy halina with a very nice win goes back up to woodbine at the site of success of course the the queen's plate an wins the dance smartly so we gotta talk about that and then of course on saturday preservationists who centennial and jimmy have waited for patiently to get over some barking dogs a feet problems no no no wars jimmy and a obviously when you have those you got a hell of a horse congratulations on another suburban win yeah thanks yeah they they really finally got find got some continuity in his training and racing where he could really showing to show what he could really do you know you see horses like this and it clearly it's a it's a testament to the don little junior and and you and your team you know just biding you're time not getting frustrated you know beyond beyond the you know the usual kick the cat frustrations but it you explain to everybody what goes on an and how you how you you look at at a horse like this and the give and take between you and donen and you know giving him time and how much time he spends friends at the racetrack how much time dizzy spend you know turned out an you know these the ferrier's in the in the specialists that that work with a horse like this well you know it but that that's what it comes down to whether you're able to tolerate that much just put that much time in i mean he was very expensive this four and eighty five thousand any showed an enormous amount of ability is female family is is just incredible goes back in the good old king ranch family a plus arch you know we all know how good this guy in march was so just one of those deals where you just you know you just you just had the stick it out you know for obvious reasons a on you know financially it gets it gets hard after all that much time but you know if everybody everybody just decided to just write this out again you know when a bank fully finally finally cut coming to fruition and really.

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