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Act three women's weapons ghana role regan and cordelia are all women living in a kind of mythical britain but shakespeare's audience would have seen them through the lens of womanhood in the early seventeenth century so to see how king lear can help us understand power and giving up power we have to look at the gender dynamics in the play and shakespeare society if you were woman in early seventeenth century england you were legally possession of your father until you were married after you wed you belong to your husband the only women who had any kind of independence were widows who could inherit their husband's property even widows are really supposed to be in charge of anything but england had just seen a very significant exception to these rules queen elizabeth i spoke to clear mcmanus about this she's a professor at the university of roehampton who focuses on women and performance during the elizabethan era says she's imagined as this exceptional unique woman who to allow tubing in charge she's not setting precedents in a way i'm one of the ways that she manages to be a woman in a very thorough going patriarchal world is by embracing this idea of janati he has a very masculine cool in which coaches competed for her favor of being incredibly treasuring being incredibly worshiping but with no real hope of anything actually coming with elizabeth gone and james firmly empower many people felt the nation was returning to the way things ought to be a feeling that shakespeare turns on its head just like he did with the unification so this is very much post elizabeth's play it's what you do if you put a woman show and the pitfalls and of course gonna regan shi'as pixels that so just codeine in king lear all three daughters have more power than they're supposed to and nothing good comes of it gonorrhea poisons regan and kills herself regan perpetrates the most horrific active onstage violence and all of shakespeare and cordelia leads an army to venture father but she leads it to defeat so it was king lear simply misogynist play one that argues that women shouldn't have any power i think phase two productions have to be really cat with this fly because very very easy to fool back into some of the patents that all that in shakespeare but i'm not gonna blame the money died in sixteen sixteen for not being feminist but i will ask directions now to be feminist so how do you handle gone role and regan's evil that's one of the big questions you face if you direct this play i have seen some terrible terrible ideas about this in my time one answer always seems to be and this i find so shaming is that the costume designer just puts a lot of leather on regan gone role there's been some really embarrassing sort of jacket solutions that they've gone with the most recent one that we saw the antony scher had very strong on roll who was extremely reasonable but you actually saw her going mad because she was so much like her father that the two of them would snap at servants and almost identical ways the temptation to dress regan gone real in leather is so strong because his lear's daughters gain power they become more masculine gone regan become more forceful and direct and cordelia literally leads an invading army as it attacks britain and lear well as he loses power he becomes feminized remember when i said that lear is told that without the crown he's nothing well the word nothing is a major motif in this play it said thirty four times in various contexts including leers famous answer to cordelia that nothing will come of nothing nothing had many meanings in shakespeare's day one of those meanings which he used frequently throughout his career with slang for female genitalia lear's emotional outbursts would have read as feminine as well if our capacity of his dareus hysteria which in the relations to come from the roving wounds that should road all live women's bodies in coups united no end of emotional difficulty in trouble lear references this roaming womb in the play he says how this mother swells up to would line hot to how climbing zero aligns kind of crazy kind of absurd in one way but the rainy day speak of this dread and fear of the other on the other is just vanity as lear loses power he experiences potato of what it's like to be a woman in his society and in.

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