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Governor. He's already making good on some campaign promises. Okay, but here on WTO for full details in the moments ahead. It's 5 18. And its traffic and weather on the 8s and let's go to Dave dildine in the WTO traffic sign a depressing and gloomy evening the police and medical response above the cabin John Parkway ongoing, the Macarthur boulevard union arch bridge remaining closed along with the cabin John Parkway between the beltway and Clara Barton Parkway. There's a separate portion of Macarthur boulevard closed as well between wall hunting road and Maryland avenue for emergency utility work, so there's a lot of displaced traffic this evening, which has led to longer delays on the Clara Barton Parkway. George Washington Parkway and river road for drivers heading toward the beltway. Cabin John Parkway and two portions of Macarthur boulevard shut down. On two 70, 95, the BW Parkway, volume delays in the wet weather, no big mishaps. At the bay bridge, too wet for two way traffic, eastbound on 50 slow, near sandy point, only get two lanes. On the beltway through Maryland and Virginia, soggy and slow at times, only one crash recently. It's in fairfax county on the interloop near 66, getting moved under the right shoulder. 95 southbound slow Springfield and toward woodbridge route one near south lorton park, police activity, southbound traffic on route one was held into D.C. on three 95 from the 14th to the 11th street bridge, eastbound traffic on the southeast Southwest freeway very slow because of the issue on D.C. two 95 in northeast for more than an hour, northbound on two 95 near bening road, the right side blocked at a vehicle that burned, and that's led to some pretty sizable backups at the Whitney young susa and of course the 11th street bridge. Ready said goal joined the YMCA today with a zero enrollment fee and achieve your wellness goals in the new year. Visit YMCA D.C. dot org to learn more. Dave delvine WTO traffic. Storm team four's Mike cina for Mike looks like the fog starting to come in. Yes, it is, sun's down now and we've got some drizzle across the region. We've got some fog too.

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