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Thirty four degrees. Partly cloudy skies in Boston at two-thirty. Good afternoon. I'm Nicole Davis. Here's what's happening. State supreme court says Michelle Carter's conviction will stand. She's the woman from plane Bill convicted of encouraging her boyfriend to take his own life. The series of text messages attorneys for Michelle Carter argued she. Did nothing wrong that by texting her suicidal boyfriend urging him to kill himself. She was engaging in free speech. But the state supreme court says, no they upheld her conviction of involuntary manslaughter. Former Suffolk County district attorney Dan Kiley now with Mintz Levin said the court is clearly saying that words matter whenever the court speaks. It's putting the public on notice. I think that's exactly what they did. In this case. This was in fact, wanting to reckless conduct by the defendant, and she deserved to be held accountable. She was held accountable. And I think it was a very good decision. Carl steve. WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. We've heard from Carter's attorney Daniel marks over at Fiqh and marks he says he's disappointed in the decision today and believes that Carter should not be held criminally responsible in the death. Mark says the decision today stretches the law to assign blame for in his words, a tragedy that wasn't a crime. He says the decision brings up what he calls troubling implications when it comes to due process and free speech to thirty-one on WBZ in Brockton four people were rushed to the hospital today after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning all of them are conscious at the time. They're expected to be okay. Deputy fire chief Joseph Marchetti, telling WBZ TV, this could have been much worse. Very lucky..

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