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And I had my Toshiba with me in the office that day, and because I'd had this laptop for a while it was the disc was really full. It was two, hundred, ten meg hard drive or something that. Full and I've used something good drive space to compress the disk and the day. Five came out the guy who sat next to make Klaus blazing. Handed me the. CD or whatever it was had winners I five hundred and I put on that and it started the install on Friday and it took the entire weekend had to leave my laptop at. For the entire weekend because it had to keep on compressing and re compressing falls on this compressed this in order to upgrade, but it works from three eleven to ninety five and it was. Quite. A mouse change from the the ad on that previously it was it was quite a jump and I really enjoyed ninety five I remember windows ninety five releases as being most celebrated software release I've ever seen ever. It was a big deal I. Remember there was a story because. The had the start button of course in ninety ninety-five and they used the start me up Song from the Rolling Stones I think the story goes is that the rolling stones were approached to use that music and they said no, and then they were asked to name their price. So they named the most ridiculous price ever and Bill Gates went down. Fine. Eight million apparently cost for. Using our song. Is Five and actually I still have machines running windows ninety five now old thing pants way. and. Yes, it's still quite nostalgic to go back in and have a tinker with windows ninety five, a much abuse. Microsoft Windows, gets over the years and I've dished out. Ninety five was actually quite jump. From what came before? Yeah, I was. Always to use A. Didn't didn't do the her windows ninety five thing. For the win. So mark. You've got final news item. Yes. It turns out about these scots. wikipedia isn't in Scots on yes. So to Seo Dot wikipedia Dot Org, you'll find a lovely..

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