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Help the few of them. It's always been what's best for the neverthe- fighters. And it's this. It's never been more. True. Now. What else she had chin where does this investigation? Go from here, though, the Connor one. I don't know. Like, why is it taking so long that happened in their saying December assembly him? How long does that? So was accused of sexual in Dublin was arrested and released after questioning the next month. Keep scrolling down. The story has been circling some time it's unclear why it's being reported now. Correct. The subject that kinda determined. That's certaines relate to the rumors. Absolutely false bullshit. Does anyone by that? There's no way. What else is interesting is. Yeah before announces retire, Monday McGregor told the tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon. He was not process of negotiating a potential return to the outgun July. Here in. Here's what's. So if you're if you're Conor McGregor if you're Nate D as Nick D as if you're those guys on the outside who who do you have seemed like dude come like bra even Brock Leser those guys in the outside with us. Do please come fight for please. They don't give a fuck anymore. They have these guarantees they do. So those guys who were like, I'm just going to wait and get this big payday. That's gone. Do you see doesn't give a fuck about? Connor Nate Diaz. Three don't care. If Brock listener DC. They don't care about any of that. They have these guarantees now. Cool man, don't fight it. If thinking about that they did that to Conor McGregor. Dana went Cooman make ton of money whiskey. Yeah. You don't care. We'd no we just we have all these guarantees. We cover are not. And then some works at don't fight when we give a fuck now. He goes, I need this. I need if I'm gonna find us. Fuck it's like complained to their lines. Go complain them the excuse me there. Seventy other people waiting for your fucking flight. We don't give a fuck. I know, but you'll meet this. We're not in time. I don't get fucked. Cool. Go complain goes for you. We're set here. Yeah. You know, what's interesting about that is ever since that deal happened. Now, there's all these fights being announced just randomly, boom. Boom, boom, boom, boom bouts here. So as as a sport, it's good as a sport, you can get back to business as Bs and CS as a sport, it's great for the fighters. It's awful. You have absolutely zero power now. The age of being a star is gone, absolutely gun. They don't have put resources into anything. They don't give a fuck about your signature shoe your shirt, the marketing they do not kit. Their put on you're going to get the best fighting the best now which has fan. I love it. Cool. They don't care if you talk shit, then came out your story. They don't care about. What makes you different dynamics? They do not care. It is a product. Now. They just went from from a mom and pop shop to fuck in fast food. Like cheeseburgers thinking.

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