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Why they can get the real thing. The real thing can lead to a lot of kids all over the place. That's true. A robot. A robot will never bother you by calling you back. The very robots never gonna say, hey, we're going to get together again. No, the robot has no feelings. Okay. One last question about the robot brothel. I love robot brothel as a as a concept, right? If you go to a robot brothel. Okay. Would Lisa consider that to be cheating? It's only a robot. I think she would consider it to be pathetic. I don't know is cheating. Great color up. I don't know if this hour thirty. Yeah. Caller up right now. Yeah, I don't think Interphone you got our cell. I call she answers. I won't just have you as you. She never answered would would MRs j be upset of probably laugh at me, you know? So you can do it. No, I wouldn't do it. It'd be like, that's just ridiculous. I promise they would leave you because if you think if that's what you need, you need a robot than I'm outta here. Yeah, she, I think I think she would find it very sad. I, I don't think she would necessarily be mad at me. I think she would find me way less attracts. If I listen faded in a robot brothel, the about this, the thing about this is Greg, did you try is ringing right now. I will. She might pick up if spots are getting so real now and John, there will be a time. I guess I don't want to say where you can basically. Yeah, Lisa's never there when we need her. Trier Trier lever message, we'll try later. Yeah, I don't. I don't think a sex pot brothel is necessarily cheating. I don't either, but I think that it would not go well for me if I visited the sex. I don't know. That is nothing. I like more than weird technology. The fact that we would even ask that question will be the. Tossed in is great. All in with a game out, Greg, you can play Jay. You can play. All right. So the website five thirty eight which used to be owned by ESPN has a piece up about what is and what isn't acceptable when you're on an airplane. Let's see what you guys agree with. Okay, they surveyed over thousand people who fly regularly. All right. Number one. What percentage of people say it's rude to wake up the guy on the aisle if you need to get up. So in other words, you're in the middle or you're on the window, you gotta get up. Is it rude to wake up the guy in the isle, Greg, what percentage of people would say that is rude fifteen? I'm say like thirty thirty maze hundred. Say like ten. It goes with the territory. Corrales is the winner thirty, seven percents dicusss okay, you're on the window. You're supposed to hold it for five hours. Okay. Get out of here. What percentage said it's rude to bring an unruly kid on a plane j it's rude to bring an Rulli kid on the plane. What percentage out sixty percent? Steve ninety? Nine percent. Greg Seventy-three. Greg Burke. Miniature winner eighty two percents, say ninety nine was not all that far off. What percentage said it's rude to ask if. You can switch seats. See, you can sit with one of your friends, Steve. What percentage said it's rude to ask if you can switch, hey, man, can can you get out of there? I want to sit with my friend thirty five percent. All right. Greg. I was gonna say thirty five forty three. I'm gonna say twenty twenty. Yeah. Jay's right. Only twenty six percent. True people do that all the time. I'm like, I'm happy to do it unless I'm in a really good. This is the one that next to rowdy baby. This is the last one. What percentage said it's rude to recline your seat. You know, like you would press the button and recline your seat. Greg. What percentage said it's rude to do that? I think that's gonna be pretty high sixty two j. Oh, I think it's eighty five. That's really rude. I bought and some of those things where you can plug it into the chair so they can't recline..

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