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Number one. Number one is 18. So you were really excited on Saturday for 18 baseball games. Mother nature intervened, but we ended up getting 18 on Sunday. Sundays are always fun because of Sunday baseball. Everything starts before 7. So all of these games are going on practically, simultaneously, more so than any other day of the week. So we had 18 baseball games last night. They all started basically by 4 p.m. or earlier Eastern Time. That was the most games to be played on a single day in baseball since September 30th of 2015, which also add 18. And if you think of September, that's a lot of rain outs, push to the end of the year, all that kind of stuff, which I think might have happened with some of Saturday and Friday's game. Yeah. If not for the fact that we're playing a kind of condensed schedule this year, making up for that first week that was lost, but it was so much fun. I mean, at one point, I want to stay around three or 4 o'clock. I was just staring at my screen saying, oh my gosh, they're so much baseball going on right now. So I hope for you sitting at home, you got to enjoy that, watching all of those games and I know I did. Yeah, I have never been disclosed with my iPad as I am now. I mean, I have found that the MLB dot com website and the ability to see all the games is in absolutely amazing thing. You clearly are not telling the truth and you said when I looked at my screen, I know you. You have multiple screens. I mean, how many 18 games? How many are playing concurrently and how many screens? What's the maximum number of screens langs has to watch games? Well, for a day like that, there's the screen, there's the TV. There's the iPad. There's the phone coming into hope. And then I have my personal computer and my work computer. So there's a lot here. You're got 7 games going on. So remember that the greatest, the greatest final day of any regular season, of course, is the Red Sox and the rays and speed perfume. And all the other games going on. Bobby Valentine was working with us at that time. And I can just imagine this sort of scene playing out yesterday for people like you and me. He got onto one of those chairs inside the green room and we have obviously at ESPN, you have all the TVs. He gets on one of those chairs and it's not a stable chair. It's one that can spin. He just starts spinning himself around because he can't keep up with all the excitement at all the action that's going on. That was so good. That was our special that day was. And yeah, and it's kind of like a weird bummer to that. You'd think with all The Rain outs raved away as you've had, we'd have 18 more games today. I think the schedule today only has like 11 games. It's a little bit of a bummer, but there are games that start as early as noon and go, of course, late. Sarah, thanks very much, buddy. Really good to see you again. Thanks so much for having me. So much fun. Bleacher tweets all right, everyone. It's a bleacher tweets for a Monday. And we've got a couple of questions here from listeners, but first, I want to ask Carl ravage a couple things because I.

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