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It's got some narrative to it. But anyway. So he gets all these groups, but he's got a ban this year. Got these female thing is a fantastic and all of the singers and the talent level is unbelievable job. So. So you know each year. I'm very excited, actually. So I'm gonna be doing that tonight. And listen to this one. Sunday afternoon. How bad is that? What makes it sacrifice just record? It. You know? Record my performance. Yeah. I hadn't thought of that. But record the patriots gave. Act. So I'm very excited about it. I want to give it a plug. Stoneham theater. I forgot the name of it. But it's from tonight to Sunday afternoon. It's really good in the middle of the winter. And I'll tell you anybody who can put together a play or a musical whatever it so difficult. It's challenging financially and everything else. And it just you know, we got we gotta support that kind of stuff. Steve actually, they actually called me and wanted me to play a major role in that that review I said, oh, no the patriots are playing that day. I said call Sweeney. He's probably got nothing to do. Yeah. I got nothing to do. You're kidding me. Stage in front of five hundred people and you'll be asking. Generate gambling you. You'll be saying what's the score. No, no what I'll be saying. This is what I'll be saying. Thank you for stepping on my punchline. But anyway, I'll be on. I'll be on the stage. And this isn't even a joke. I'll be saying I wonder if I should teased that other teams. Yeah. You know, it's such an event we forget what an event that is to have a team that you know, on the road to the Super Bowl. It's the main thing. Oh my God. I go to any other city go to Miami. Go to Cleveland. I mean, how about how about? I mean, how about some of these these teams that haven't been there for ages for decades, and you go to a Super Bowl party who you rooting for. Embitterment about the cheese dip. Patriots. Or when the patriots win on Sunday. It'll be the eighth consecutive year. They've appeared in the AFC championship. Wow. Wow. Says buffalo buffalo fan. Wow. I don't I don't wanna fake. Wow. You guys got me thinking now I'm going to root for the call because I don't want them going again fitting, and they'll go. Yeah. We'll know early. Whether it's Kansas City or the cult because I play in game one on Saturday at four thirty four thirty Saturdays. The Kansas City colts game. I don't make science Kelly. What is the character? You're playing in this play. Well, I could blow it for you. I might as well, I quit. It's all janitor. And I just got one scene and I put Brome and doing karaoke. And I'd say, hey, can I try that? And they all laugh. Give the guy a chance, then I turn into Mick Jagger. And sing miss. You da da. It's pretty cool. Yeah. And you should hear this band shell. Oh my gosh. So it's a line just singing with I thought it was a live band, and they got the sack guy going to play the harmonica. Itself. Miss you. You know that? Yeah. Yeah. And telling you, I'm up there in front of the band and three women singers. It's unbelievable. It's an unbelievable feeling. You will never have that feeling. I have had. I've had backup singers after. I wish that I could watch this game. I'm telling you. It's like I'm so excited. But that's okay. Sometimes you gotta do other things. I know I'm no yoi. Carol. Don't forget the plug where you're playing this weekend. And. Always a pleasure. Thank you for. All. This information not not to disparage Joey Carrol, Jo Malone. Johnny sap for myself. Christian could carry the whole shell by himself. He all you would need. Thank you. I don't think you'll. But I I just said something cut. I wanna wish you luck in your play. Steve break a leg state. I know. Yeah. Well, you know, what they call these on the weekends? Suitcase that if you win you going to Aruba if you lose your going to the airport anyway because you gotta get out of town. Okay. So Steve I have an exit question for you. All right. Did you see the Clemson Alabama game? Yeah. Oh my God. Cadet Clemson credential Clemson quarterback play on your team. Wow. Yeah. The kids aren't true freshman. They were like six or seven point underdog. Oh my God. In the last five years. I don't think we've seen Alabama team spank like that. Yeah. No. He has to play at least two more years in college. You can go to the deaths another two years. So Clemson, Johnny Sav. We're talking about the Clemson quarterback would like your thoughts on. Did. He throw for three touchdowns in that. He was awesome. Just and I'd seen him earlier in the season in the last four years, Alabama, Clemson have both won to national championships each and they're both fifty five and four. Johnny. Hey, Johnny Thetford second. Did you like the other guys to leave the room? So we can. Let them we're all on the patriots. And we all seem to like the colts. What do you got? I'm on the colts. I think they're the hottest team football right now with a great quarterback, Andrew luck. But I'm unfortunately, and maybe to benefit you guys because I'm always wrong. I think the chargers are gonna come here and Winston charge. Dan in the AFC, but they're going to have to win at New England. And then SF how well he's done in his predictions. So with the chargers. What what is your argument in favor of the job? I think there were better team than the patriots. The patriots have the edge a quarterback. Although Philip rivers has had a better year than Tom Brady. Patriots have coach with Bill Belichick over Anthony Lynn where where are they a better came along bolts offensive and defensive lines? They have more weapons on offense much deeper wide receiving group and running back group the secondaries as good if not better than the patriots. They could put a lot of pressure on the quarterback there there a better roster. I think most people in the NFL will tell you that the chargers have a better roster than the patriots doesn't mean they're going to win because they were dumped him the stupid team. And you can't kill the three quarters against the rate. I get. And a bunch of times in that game relations, go touchdowns. Yeah. You're not gonna win beating the patriots kicking five field goals on Sunday. So so let me throw something in here. And that is up until game fourteen for the patriots. They were doing what they've been doing the last several years, which is on balance they were more of a passing team than a running team. And I think the last couple of games they've come to the realization that they depend on on a more running. Now, they have to and play action is when you're gonna get gronkowski open. You're going to get the other receive is open, but instead of the empty backfield as you've shown the first fourteen games look for Sony. Michelle to carry a big part of the load is game. James white maybe because he's a good pass catcher. So even if pretty can't find a guy downfield can always dump it off to James whitening, James. Why can go run? And I think that was one of McCartney's most beautiful song. Michelle. Yes. Hi bell. Yes. The words thank you. And asked me about getting divorced. Don't ruin it. Joe radio. Yeah. I was asking about. Jeff Bezos, founded Amazon. Yeah, he's getting a voice is worth one hundred forty billion. And if you ask me, what would I take if I was the white? Yeah. And I would I would take number one my pillow my pillow. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I'd take the blender. And that's it in the Washington Post. And you know, what I would do. I would get the cash and you're ready for this. Write this down. Yeah. Why acreage anywhere from Boston to providence town anywhere on the water anywhere dotted bought? Because. Operating on the water. Get more valuable just look around you that crazy city Boston. Right. But only by by the way before the divorce and how you're going to invest it when you showed up in court for the hearing. What would you be wearing? Well. Sports bra. Brandy chastain. I mean, would you would you be in a short skirt or something more survey go you'd be showing? Like, the wonderful movie about all this the Coen brothers. Did. I'm sure Johnny theft called intolerable cruelty. George Clooney, absolutely. It's a very funny about a divorce lawyer. Hysterical. She's scheduled to get out sixty seven billion dollars should actually agree. I'm not saying that alone. That's the case is in Seattle. I think everything split down the middle. It's not just the sixty seven billion. But she also gets free two day shipping. Joey cow, always good down here all week. Wait. I wait for my. Wait for opening its quality. You guys have a terrific show. So thank you should come in some week. Yeah. Well, actually, I shouldn't alone. Oh sap. Just got both of you guys. What my hands clean? I can't believe me. Jeez. All right, boys. Steve sweeney. He'll be appearing the dome theater tonight and Sunday matinee show.

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