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I don't fit into that slot. And i wanna make my own slot and i think i'm i. I've always admired that. And and she has that in spades. And i love that about her. Yeah i definitely have great empathy with her there I felt like a lot of my life i was. You know that game when you're a child and you're trying to put shape into Bosseaux cutouts and aren't sitting often. Felt like i've been doing that with moments of my life or or pieces of me and I definitely connect with rain on that one ship navigating her her youth in her womanhood and trying to find your place and You know teach yourself about about trust and love and what it means degrees and you know. She's just so dynamic authentic and her being it's incredibly attractive to young female actors as far her love life. If i heard directly i would say tread very carefully. Were your territory. You're going into could be very dangerous right so talk about that aspect of playing her. Well i'd say that My relationship with a mali character. Fill up with. Probably one of my favorite parts of playing rail just because you see so much emotional repression From all the characters. You know it's a sort of a were speaking to toxic masculinity it's great inactive or new relationships in new territory but just to get that vulnerability in that side of rail and see who really open up and You know allow herself to trust and love. Just be a little bit lighthearted and sort of forget about the extremities around them and you know that matter and that pressure of life and death but yeah their relationship over. The art of the season is Incredibly passionate it's intense. It's hundreds of death determination Powerful all consuming and You know it. Majorly affects a lot of the life passing career paths in the military so many characters and got amalia for selfish. She's such a phenomenal team partner. And it was an honor to develop an onscreen relationship with her. We were very lucky to have organic chemistry. Oh that's great. No the scenes between the two of you. I mean it's kind of funny to watch because the audience. We know more obviously and kind of like see tender moment in your kind of like. It's nice but oh man like i. I don't want this girl to get hurt. You know like pretty tone. Yeah.

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