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Did. Pre rupaul before that became the the cultural phenomenon I think there's like Elissa Edwards Roxie, Andrews, Brooklyn Heights Nina, flowers Ginger Minj, and then I was like to point out that if you're a fan of pose that affects show that's such a big hit Dominique. Jackson who plays Elektra also competed for Miss, continental? Least twice under the name tyra allure and I hope Jasmine Masters. and. Masters and some of them were already on drag racing. They still competed afterwards I. Do it too so. If you're a pageant queen. This is the conscious that you want to be in. This is the highly coveted crown, and you amazingly got a camera crew behind the scenes and captured the Queen's at their most vulnerable. Most frustrating moments I, think you know in terms of the highlight of the documentary is the way that people allow themselves to be filmed when they lose and for a lot of the pageant contestants it's like they're not just losing one year. They're losing five or six years in a row, and it's so economically mentally and physically taxing to do this pageant. Why do you think they're doing? It over and over again you know that was that was one of my big questions when we were interviewing folks because I can see wanting to try to win the pageant but to try over and over again when you know other pageants like Miss America do they don't they don't allow that one shot and then you're done and what it, what it was explained to me repeatedly was This was a dream and this was a goal that they had for so many years and that not only was it a personal. Literally. Don't mind the crowning achievement. The have had their entire career moving forward mark. How're the drag queens getting their money back when they actually do win like are they touring the country? Are they getting licensing deals? How does the system work I think some will tell you they're never going to recoup the investment they made. But on the other hand when they have that title in their name, it it increases our booking fees so. I can't tell you any time we've had queens say to us or somebody. I. Have to raise my rates now that I am a title winner, right? You just went up. But more than that I just think it's personal pride. It's like you know in any in any career that you choose there's usually some kind of award or honor top kind of you know billing you you could receive in. The Emmy Award. So if you want an Emmy Resume, looks good in this particular world misconduct being on your resume is put you in a different echelon of talent and achievement. Really OBSTA competition too when you're competing against other people year after year and they see somebody like Oh that person's competed three four or five times now, and then they finally wins. There's some kind of inspiration for them to just to keep on going like some year. It's going to be my year and you know showing up and showing what you've done and how you've changed over the years impresses people that you have that stick to it have miss and you know like if I just wait it out, I will get the crown. Right. And if you you know we have like forty years of footage in that film clips and you know if you look at some of the entertainers their first year I think there's a clip of Nation Lopez the first year she competed and whenever she has watched the film and I have watched her watch the film she cringes at how she looks and sounds in that first year because less Polish much younger a novice. So you know it's like any it's fun to see that evolution. And the first time we ran into nation Lopez was as a contestant on Rupaul drag race. I. Believe she was one of the eliminated. And and we had her on the show and part of it. It was like she was coming in from having won Miss Continental to getting on repulsed drag race Guinea sent home I, and having to relive all those kind of negative emotions associated with the pageants and. was wonderful story about her initially wanting to give up the crown well. That's some some t that we had heard that and I asked her about it on the podcast. because. I don't want to give too much away eventually nature does win the crown. And I guess the rumor was that she wasn't really upholding her her duties as the crown holder because that was frustrated she was while there's certain things if you win, you are contractually obligated to go to certain events have certain outfits for these events that kind of thing you don't just win this crown and they send you on your merry way there's obligations to fulfill and The story goes is that she was not necessarily fulfilling those obligations per like the Gym Flint's requests. So she came into the office with her crown, put it on the desk and said, you want this back and he's just said. Miss. Please, have a seat. Let me tell you about the only other person who gave up the Crown Miss Continental Crown I'm not sure who it was, but it was somebody who had some drug may have been mentioned in your. In your film, they had some problems with drugs and I think they ended up. Something bad happened to them. So he was like, do you want to end up like this person and she's like, no, he's pick that crown up get out of my office in. Do you're damn job. Cats that I asked her about it and she said she's like Jim Clinton I have a very good relationship now. Imagine you know because Jim Flint. The Creator and the run, the man who runs the baton, the the club that is so legendary in giving rise to so many of these drag contestants and performers. Outside of the Rue Paul's drag race world, you have people like Chili Pepper and Mimi marks and ginger grant who you know even if you don't know about ru girls, you've heard of their names either through the per winfrey show or donohue in the early days when they used to interview drag Queens along means used to go on those shows that were from the continent scene and you know and part of it is like I think what was so interesting to see was just these rare private moments with people like Mimi marks are talking about her her romantic relationships and Mimi marks was very famous in the early nineties for dating Dennis. Rodman. The best guy up you know and talk about it. She just smiles and says, we were friends. It's also say. Well,.

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