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The factor remains as great as LeBron James is, he doesn't win that championship in Miami without a Ray Allen three pointer. The fact remains as great as Michael Jordan was, I don't know if he wins that championship without John Paxton hidden those jumpers without Steve Kerr hitting those jumpers. As great as Tom Brady is as a quarterback, the greatest of all time. He does not win 7 super bowls. If he doesn't have Bill Belichick's defense, holding down the fort, shutting teams down, limiting the Los Angeles ramps of three points in a Super Bowl. When you are an individual sport athlete, like Serena, who I think is the greatest female tennis player of all time. You have no one to count on but yourself. And I think that's something that separates athletes like Serena, like Tiger Woods, like Michael Phelps, like Usain Bolt, from team sport athlete. Now again, we'll get into this later on, maybe in a couple of weeks once Serena actually does retire because I think we'll make it a bigger deal then. And I can't wait to give her her flowers. And obviously I want to have that conversation with Jason 'cause I think he may disagree, but I think it'll be a good conversation to have. Last thing though, before we get to fan mail, which again is growing like wildfire. You guys have really enjoyed that segment so far. And I know it's only day two, but it seems like the fans like this segment. I'm excited about it. Quickly though, on the other big story of the day to come in on Tuesday. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke with the media. And let it be known that they will be seeking at least one year suspension for deshaun Watson in their appeal. That is currently under review. And Goodell's rationale in this situation is that they've seen the evidence, quote she was very clear talking about Sue Al Robinson about the evidence. She reinforced the evidence, there were multiple violations that were egregious and it was predatory behavior. I agree with everything Roger Goodell said in his statement. I believed before all of this shook out and the actual suspension came down. That deshaun Watson should get a minimum of 12 games for his actions in all of those massage therapy parlors, hotel rooms, bedrooms, wherever he was doing it. I agree. It was predatory behavior, and I thought that 12 games at a minimum should have

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