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Also run like right now the answer of course is how they got to that point I got a I got a look the investigation play itself out he says on a general aviation day Vance performs two hundred twenty five flying missions with up to one thousand landings a day he says Martin wait mishaps are very rare there were two people on board each aircraft the two airmen killed work in one jet the two airmen in the other jet were not injured with public testimony wrapped up where does impeachment in query head next year's grip Jenkins what happens next is not exactly clear the scheduled public hearings have concluded but Democrats may want to hear from more witnesses like former national security adviser jumbled this after former National Security Council official Fiona hill testified to the present ordered officials to work with his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani if there were witnesses are to be called things are likely move to the house Judiciary Committee where different sources tell fox news these are the particles and Peter that could come up bribery abuse of power content of Congress instruction of justice meanwhile Republicans are blasting all of this more teachers in Oklahoma here's Beth Myers state school superintendent joy Hofmeister says there has been significant growth in the teacher work force in Oklahoma over the last two years she says since the legislature approved back to back pay raises schools have added seventeen hundred fifty teachers that since the two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen school year there are about forty three and classroom teachers in Oklahoma schools Hofmeister says the numbers represent a win for Oklahoma kids a mental health competency review set for today for a man accused of killing his parents because he thought they were Satan worshippers who were sending him telepathic messages nineteen year old Michael Elijah Walker is charged with murder in the shooting deaths of fifty year old Michael Logan Walker and forty four year old Rachel Walker in their admin home in March the father was shot seven times the mother was shot ten times and Oklahoma county judge ruled Michael Elijah Walker in competent for trial and ordered him to undergo mental health treatment authorities in Michigan use DNA to identify an Oklahoma City woman whose skeletal remains were found there in nineteen eighty eight Jim Forsyth reports she was twenty eight year old Maria white Bateman and her bones were found by hunters a medical examiner has not been able to determine how she died investigators retrieved DNA from one of Bateman Stuy bones and ran it through a.

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