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You are entering ENC's all of this. Berman here, we are just found out as we're about to record this about the passing of me, gene, Oakland, and I don't wanna you know, be bummed out to start this. But having just found out I'm bummed out. I mean, I mean. Anytime you hear the news of something like this. You know, it's it's hard to hear. But you know, guy, gene, legendary figure in the wrestling business, legendary voice, nobody had a voice like his was just a master of his craft. What he did? And you know, he was he was one of the voices of our generation, right? We grew up with me, gene, absent in oh. And to later become friends with him. And know that he's such a great guy. Always love sitting down having conversations with them. We had him on the edge incursion show first and second season. He was always so much fun to be around. Always just in a great mood and was just always happy to see people and talk and just one of those guys that you felt good being around 'cause he was always happy in a good mood. Yeah. And and dare I say that you think back to your childhood and mean, gene is easily as much part of of, you know, people our age and our childhood as HOGAN as Andrei because he was the one always there holding that microphone and leading the the promos, and and also adding a not only sense of credibility because he did have that great voice in that great Demere and everything, but also that sense of humor and the stuff that him and Bobby did over the years, and you could just tell their their love for each other. And and then yeah, like, you said having on the NC show and just how wide open he was. Yeah. Sure. I'll do that. Like really will you g and then we're planning was it pictionary or charades? Yeah. Against you. And mean, gene like think about that as two kids growing up in Canada. We're plagued pictionary with meaning Oklahoma jot Bodey. So we we send our condolences to to gene's family and friends and man, man. Yeah. Miss up miss running into him in like, I said, you know, he's just. Oh, always one of those guys whenever I saw him. Brought a smile to my face and love talking to him. And he just just a good guy. And he's gonna be missed for sure salute absolute legend legend. So birdman. New year happy. Oh, yeah. Those that were you awake for it? I was awake for it. Actually, you were y'all night Tonight. out. How you make Denise do the morning stuff. Right. No. I pretty damn bed and sleep. Nah. I'm usually usually a gotten better. I'm usually between between twelve am and one am, but I'm up I'm up seven or a little bit after I know after seven how's that possible with a kid? Leave it to her. That's that's no don't I don't know. Why? No, no, I let's leap still about seven. At least not even kidding. The thing. I just took a swig you're a Mateta wash down the taste of graph that you just fed me. Well, you feeling because you're facing sinuses and everything we're all messed up feeling better or better as better still like, you know, still there a little bit not gonna lie. I'm not going to give you the gory details, but you know, when I use the Netti pot poof, the white little a Nettie. It is never heard of Netti pot..

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