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There was so many places we need permits and all the legal stuff really sex to joy. Hundred percent, and he had he had done a Mercedes commercial. And so he used those same drone guys on this. He had all the connections of who he wanted. So it was pretty great. Yeah. And that one also made number one the empty. I mean is crazy. So you guys. Okay. Okay. This is what I love you guys too. Because like I feel like for eight years or so y'all were praying for success, right or how long was it? Gosh. Well, really since we got married which was five and a half years ago. So he's been at this since we graduate. He signed his first publishing deal in two thousand when did we graduate college two thousand eleven okay. So he's been at this for eight years. So eight years of waiting believing preparing of planning seeds. I just talked into my coffee. Hey, I like it. Yeah. And then all the sudden all this hard work dislike overflows pays off in In like. one year that all the year. Was it two hours went number one like a week ago last year this last a year ago? So could go eighteen was year. Yeah. That everything was like, we got our first bus. We're not driving van any praise. God I bus to number ones like a CMT nam he was nominated for ace EM's wild. And I heart new artists. That's yeah. Has hasn't happened yet? No, not yet. I mean, I know awesome tours toward a lady or somebody else. We're so spoiled with tours like how is that? Because Charles and Cassie of lady. Yes. My my people how to sell your best. We've only toured with our besties. Okay. So which we didn't know is like rare, so Thomas Rhett, Thomas Rhett, Florida, Georgia line in lady antebellum, our best friends in the industry partially so TR through us a bone like he. Was like this guy's going to be someone just trust me because he asked him on tour. Gosh, when was it was not this last year that you before that before wasn't even on the radio. We didn't even have ready to give him a shot. Yeah. And he had seen the video. We showed it to them and him in Tyler we show Tyler and Hayley Tyler Hubbard, and that's of anal-. Yes, in Tyler was like, you guys gotta show TR the video you gotta show him. So we showed him in DR never heard rusting was like dude, but we are friends of. Yeah. Ever heard him seeing you know, this was like this was right? When we shot the video Tyler Hubbard's wedding. That's how long ago this was. Okay. So that was I think a year after we got married so this is like four or five years ago. Okay. 'cause he released yours for years before it went number one. And at least it with the video that's around. Yeah. It's been around. Alive. Yes. So that far back and TR saw..

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