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Just a moment ago the pace car pulled off them including chase elliott eligible together up on the front row joe to laps so we'll put him under the green flag we've talked to some of the drivers getting set for the running of the race tonight we've heard from our turn announcers at both ends of the racetrack here in daytona now swing down that road a talk about all the important activity that will take place there are prerace sweep pit road is brought to you by o'reilly auto parts and we start with winston kelly joe we won't see the strategically if you will that we might see some of the other plate racist stateowned five hundred with the first stop i two stages ending at sixty one twenty salination fifty five and one ten that's long they can go on a tank of sonoko fewer here with it forty another forty laps and then to the end of the race each one of the stages the first two stages fifty labs so expect him to come down pit road pretty much straight up nobody coming in needs to come in during that first segment now whether or not we have a late caution period that you'll see some guys come down pit road we'll have to wait and see but what we here it's all about getting together in terms of your teammates or you're like alexandra managing tires winston because they've got six sets of good your eagles at their disposal for tonight's race we saw last night in the series race they could change right side tires they could change left side only somebody's drivers including ryan blaney team pinski they did not change tires at all last night so keep a close eye out for different tire strategies throughout the running of the four hundred miles to the entry to pit road and st post alex one of the things i'm going to be watching mistake free and we watch it every week but but put perspective on this we talked about slowing down the pit road speed here at daytona pit road speed is fifty five miles per hour okay imagine standing alongside of a free way when the cars are going by fifty five miles per hour yes two hundred and they'll go out of the race track but fifty five is still i can't imagine pitting a car on the shoulder of a road and his crew members will do it here with cars going by inches away from them at fifty five miles per hour but they have to be mistake free here on perran also covering the action she's made her way out of the pre race control studio and here in the garage on perrotta kim kun thanks steve while we've mentioned it multiple times this is an opportunity race a chance for pretty much any and every team to run up front and the past eight july races at daytona international speedway we've seen eight different winners so perhaps we'll see a ninth different delighted tuna winter here tonight and maybe just maybe we can cross our fingers it'll be a driver getting their first cup series win we're talking driver william byron member he led back here in february bubble wallace came up just shy of a win in that race as well finishing second chase elliott also looking for its first cup series win we.

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