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Yard line is going to be wrapped up by zachary allen or the iowa march doors and that's how we started on the second hand joe stacey thank you larry color if thank you khalil carter for a montana mike's halftime interview and firsthalf stat wrapup fourteen fifty five left to go in the third quarter twenty fifteen i will marsh drummers on tap over the green bay blizzard the lavar server stop here green bay blizzard get the football to start the third quarter they have a right to left at their own eight yard line quarterback is brian hits wide receivers jeremy jones they sent to in motion put pitch near side and that's about the ten yard line and bj butler along with bryce tenured and also there for the bar summers is bj let's get the offense for the green bay blizzard xavier damp here up front and center six three three ten the guards three on three upfront donovan williams and domon tucker go six six three ten six three three fifteen quarterback for the green bay blizzard ryan hits and the ride receivers are dramatic jeremy jones along with chris mallet as it takes pedals back with a three yard fires over the middle halls indies wiped out immediately what about my thirteen yard line zachary allen over the middle the pitch and catch was over the middle to andrea macdonald the third wide receiver six three two hundred and thirty pounds caught it on a drag route and iowa barnstorm middle linebacker zachary allen out of wake forest university six two to forty eight races a wide receiver third at about four to go for a first down thirteen thirty eight left to go in the third quarter bars defensive line up front bj butler along with dom in gye and devan brown here we go picks takes it for green bay quick pitch over the middle pickup your twenty fifty two the ten pennies tackle the seventh interception the season for price and your he leads the nfl you know what he did joel that time it wasn't so much of the intercepted stolen interception obviously but actually took it away from the receiver he just grabbed it away from the intended receiver jeremy joan took off and darn near at a second pick six of the game bryce entered another six and.

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