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I mean he was talking about The cure being worse than the problem he was talking about the the economic pain and all the related problems with people not being able to work and mental health issues etc. So we don't want to create a worse situation in dealing with the corona virus which so far has killed I think five hundred and ninety three in this country and you know that's terrible but I mean Thirty two hundred people die every day from car accidents and You know the swine flu killed twelve thousand four hundred The flu this year could kill fifty thousand the regular flu. And we've we've lost five hundred ninety two so I think we need to keep this in perspective and and his hype and hyperbole insanity going on is is way way way overblown in my opinion when we appreciate you joining us. Jeff career You WanNa let everybody know where they can find if they want to continue. Follow along with what you're doing. Yeah I'd love that. Thank you so much. Stay opportunity to come back on with you My my website just air dot com is a good resource Collins posted there. I've got my videos that you can check out of the career Youtube Channel and let people to subscribe and you know they can learn more about The book I've written in my TV and radio programs and and go there and check out the podcast. So That's Jeff Crew Air T. R. E. R. E. DOT COM. No well Mr Griller. Thank you so much for your time anytime you WanNa come back on. You have an open invitation. Thank you all right very good. Thanks for the invite take. You have a great day..

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