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They'll still come back and glass now still same thing right but i know that the threat of them looming but i still the razor twins i'd like to play one of those two yea indians and as being the they don't wanna go to tough environments and and honestly like the playoffs like you never know what those teams. It's just don't we wanna win. Don't it's not okay right well. <hes> this one is from jim bradley. He says which yankee pastor president is low key sick of all the shit hubs and tommy upset upset about them and is most likely plotting to kill them. Kobe ellsbury couches. No i mean greg bird could an option but he's still five thousand chances. He's chilling <music> jonathan holder holder holder holder alderwood probably he sucks seems like a cool duly probably gets. He's probably got a lot of talk. He's like boys will literally his last name's only reasons there because he could hold petric sick you think if it was like jonathan smith he'd be cut guy older and he's in a hold of the lead guy reasons. They're not bad mm-hmm. Yeah holders there. I don't think sesa 'cause we occasionally will get get on his side. But did you hear that thing with the guy. Gotta believe pod. K._f._c. wants to play. I guess i just want to be able to sit on them. It's an interesting strategy. I mean terrible strategy more players players on your show like you but i guess i mean i think bird is never like that's different like k._f._c. is his brand is more of a heater and he's realistic rightfully pessimistically realistic with the metric nationally k._f._c. like we were like in the in the wilpon box like never gonna he's never going to be like chilling with the team you know an hour later on his podcast ripped destroyed so i get it from his perspective because he's like the voice of the angry fan whereas we're realistic but well so stay positive and trying to maintain a relationship and they're also good all right then money and we go trade grade for people. We'd do the things that he wishes. The mets did so yeah yeah. It's a little different well what else i don't know if anybody would plan to kill you but i think that keenly if he ever comes near might be planning to tackle you or kill me right after the last week he might have been the guy that like founded by that video because like you call them a little like like like us having a ten year we've been moody with <hes> gardy could yeah and we know he has a bit of a temper. I've never he'd kill frank frankie immediately. I always thought if we ever brought gardner in the office would we'd show tell frankie you have to yeah. I think it'd be funny that br like he did with franken was sean. Just have a frankie brett gardner. It'd be really funny. He had no idea and we just have it'd be so often garnered tickets so seriously like why don't you like like i could. It was one headbutts from gardner. It'd be all over the next one is from mattie light underscore one. He said over under one. Oh six point five wins this season. <hes> yankees are eighty three and forty four. They'd have to go twenty three and twelve to get to one. Oh six really want that one. Oh eight or one oh nine to amac the red sox last year but i'm gonna say under because there's not going to be a ton of cases. Let's go through the schedule. Quick sizes west. Coast is <hes> oakland and <hes> l._a. This weekend's asked me awesome series <hes> than seattle for three then they're back home home against oakland for three home against texas for three then in boston for four in detroit for three in tirana for three then the angels at home bluejays at home and then they finish on the road raise rangers this west coast. It's like they're probably split with the as do really well against blowdrying series canseco these while all right. They're gonna one thanks to cut big. They're going to do very well against swept by the mariners like that's how the show off off the dodgers. Yeah the bright lights marriages trash and then there's gonna fuck it out okay..

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