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Sports leader. There's a fantasy going on Everybody Welcome back into the fantasize this podcast F this and I'm sure a lot of you after a lot of the entries in week one and the desperation and the nervousness that comes after one week of fantasy football are saying f this creative Tony Ryan, Mike host, man, How are you? Two weeks into fantasy football. Well, him and you know, fantasy football is kind of like a radio ratings. For those who aren't in radio. We're always told to never celebrate a good ratings book and never get pissed off about a bad ratings book. And I'm trying not to celebrate the fact that I just crushed Larry Krueger in the can be our league and also I'm trying to not celebrate the fact that I won in my Greek church parking lot league. As well. But in a closer match, and they got one guy like 15 points in that game. Well, this is this is funny because you bring up the letter Kruger thing, and for those who are unaware of the can be our league. The No food in the studio can be our fantasy Football League. If you're the lowest scoring team of the 12 teams in that week, you've got to make an apology Video. And send it to the rest of the league. That was that was Larry Kruger at the hands of your team, Tony. Hey, man this week, and I think you do We double his point total or come close to it. I think maybe I think I think you can. I have that you would actually the two biggest weak ones in the league. You're in first. I'm in second at sea, right? There is why people need to into this podcast up the brakes. Do you think I know? Don't get too high. Don't get too exactly turn fast Fantasy football. Do we need to dignify this podcast by playing Kruger's audio? I don't think we d'oh. Well, we should maybe drop in a little bit of a cut. I know I'm kidding. And actually, you know the part we should play. So what Kruger did for his apology Video was he had his his son. He did it as though it was a press conference about his steam after a tough loss. It was pretty funny was like, you know, Boston, Scott carted off the field in part in the third quarter there. He's not gonna be with us this weekend, so but his kid is that I have a question about your team. Your team and he says she says, Hey. Ah, You know how you feel about the performance and hey, dude, this week made me think I took it back and get it says Hey, dude, that's pretty funny. Yeah, we could drop that in. Did you take? Hey, guys, too lightly. Hey, man. Hey, man. Yeah, well,.

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