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If there's a move towards towards implementing what he promised and what we have seen it's been there's been people from hospital has whatever her level of involvement in the in the in the torture interrogation that we're also familiar with whatever her level of involvement there was some level of involvement she was involved in it and i think we can read into it too there's a reason she was chosen deputy and now so he possibly not nominated as as director and similarly we've reported on somebody else at the cia the top director for intelligence at the white house is a cia official who once worked on old targeted selling program of the one that had been the contracts out to eric prints oh that's another story we wrote back late last year so we're seeing these people liking there so i think it's fair to keep on looking to see what happens and again once again i didn't act directly i got strike from natural question is what about the hassle and i guess we don't know that we do know that baldness in the old counterterrorist center where she was involved at some level in enhanced interrogation trump is comfortable with it right pompeo was comfortable with her what kind of pressures are being put on the trump administration to deal with terrorism in this way is part of it because that's what he said during the campaign he did bring them you want he brought those issues sort of his amidst his bombast was this idea that he knows how to be really hard on terrorists again the scene as role is not solely counterterrorism but it's it's as you said from the beginning it's rose traditionally intelligence is called the central but i'm not sure if there's external pressure on that way well there's a ton of i mean just like with a lot of other things in this administration there's a ton of conflict of interest can you tell us what is cerberus capital management and what is their connection to the trump administration i'm really glad you capital is a huge private equity firm one by subsequently steven feinberg steve feinberg is a civilised capital you're familiar with lymington the firearms company.

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